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WhoHoo! TV box factory reset is easier than ever!

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-20 14596

There’s a time in every one’s life when we have to reset something back to its factory default settings and this time it’s the TV box turn. Perhaps the device is acting wonky or you want to get rid of its prehistoric content and give it a new fresh start, or just want a clean slate for some reason.

The good news is that it's incredibly easy to reset your Android TV box to factory default settings, regardless of the manufacturer.


The first thing you'll want to do is jump into the Settings menu at the bottom of the home screen and select the cog icon.


setting menu of TV box


Open it, find and select the "Storage & reset" option.


storage & reset option of TV box


This menu is very simple as there are only two choices: "Internal storage" and "Factory data reset". You want the latter.


internal storage & factory data reset


According on the box you're using, there could be different choices here. For example, Nexus Player will just offer "Full reset" and "Cancel" options, while NVIDIA's SHIELD has a "Fast reset" button too. Select the most suitable to your situation -- if you plan to get rid of the old content of your box completely, just do a "Full reset".


full reset TV box


Once you've selected the desired option, a confirmation screen will appear and you just need select "OK" (or whatever the confirmation for your particular box is) to get started.

The process depends on the amount of storage your device has, this could take a lifetime, for example my 500GB SHIELD notes that a factory reset could take up to two hours. The good news is you don't have to sit and wait -- the process is on autopilot, so don’t worry, leave it there and go outside.


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