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Why do mosquitoes always bite you?

ByJoe Horner 2019-07-15 643

Some people sit outdoors all summer without being bitten by mosquitoes, while others, despite being sprayed with repellent and not leaving the purple light range of repellent mosquitoes, are still bitten and itchy by mosquitoes. What's going on?

bitten by mosquitoes 

Gaseous chemicals

This is mainly related to the invisible gaseous chemicals around our bodies. Mosquitoes track the body to leave subtle chemical traces and use special behavioral and sensory organs to find victims. Mosquitoes, in particular, rely on carbon dioxide to find their hosts. When we exhale, carbon dioxide in the lungs does not immediately mix with the air. It temporarily stops to form a plume, which is the "bread crumbs" that mosquitoes follow.

bitten by mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes begin to position themselves in these carbon dioxide impulses, and when they feel higher concentrations of carbon dioxide than normal ambient air, they continue to fly against the wind, and based on the smell of carbon dioxide, mosquitoes can target 50 meters away.

Other elements

But when mosquitoes are about 1 meter away from a group of potential targets, things are alienated. At a closer distance, mosquitoes consider a number of factors that vary from person to person, including skin temperature and the presence of water vapor. And the color of people's clothes.

bitten by mosquitoes 

Scientists believe that when mosquitoes choose certain target populations, the most important thing is that based on compounds produced by human skin microbes, bacteria can convert our sweat gland secretions into volatile compounds. Enter the olfactory system of the mosquito's head through air.

These chemicals are very complex, including as many as 300 different compounds, depending on genetic variation and environment, if you compare fathers and daughters in the same family. The proportion of chemicals produced by their bodies may vary, for example, according to a study published in 2011 in the journal PLoS Integrity. Men with higher skin microbial diversity were more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than men with lower skin microbial diversity. Men with low skin microbial diversity usually have the following bacteria: ciliate bacteria, Delvert bacteria, actinomycetes Gp3 and Staphylococcus.

 bitten by mosquitoes

In contrast, the study found that men with a variety of microbes often have Pseudomonas and voracious bacteria on their skin, and these subtle differences in chemical composition may explain why some people are bitten many times by mosquitoes, and at the same time, The composition of microbial colonies in human skin can also change over time in the same person, especially when the person is sick.


We don't have much control over the microbiome on the skin, but mosquitoes like black, so consider wearing light-colored clothes, which may be less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. In addition the electric mosquito repellent is quite necessary.

bitten by mosquitoes 

A smelly, burning mosquito repellent is harmful to our health. In order to get rid of the healthy problem, the electric mosquito repellent is pretty essential.

Here i will recommend you an excellent two use Mosquito Killer.

Utorch Mosquito Killer Lamp uses 3 ultraviolet LEDs emit light of 365nm wavelength to attract mosquitoes, and kills them at once with the electric shock. It is also integrated with a rechargeable mosquito swatter. Now, there is a mosquito! Take out the swatter, don't let its arrogance grow with buzzing triumph. Leave no chance for your foes' belly full of blood!

Mosquito Killer Lamp​ 

Hurry up, pick this perfect Mosquito Killer Lamp, put on your light colored clothes, enjoy your happy summer!

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