WHY GPS can't get on well with your iPhone?

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Devices like iPhones are now used for a multitude of tasks. As personal fitness tracker for instance or as a map to find your destination and other similar functionalities.

GPS is an essential part of every smartphone nowadays. Reports of faulty, malfunctioning or incompatible GPS are rising day by day. Below you can find some quick suggestions to solve GPS not working on your iPhone issue:

No GPS signal

1. Change your location to see if the signal gets stronger.

2. Visit an Apple store if the change of location does not improve the signal status even after multiple attempts.

iPhone has no GPS signal

GPS not locating accurately

1. Check network reception to see if the weak signal is causing the problem

2. Change your position and see if that improves the location tracking.

3. Go to an Apple store and get your device checked to see if the GPS is not faulty.

GPS showing wrong location

1. Go to "settings" and enable location services.

2. If the GPS apps or GPS navigation is also not functioning properly, go to an Apple store along with your iPhone to get the matter sorted out.

GPS not locating on iPhone GPS not locating at all

1. Go to "settings" and turn on location service.

2. If that doesn't solve the problem switch off your device and then turn it back on to see if the GPS locates now.

3. If it still doesn't work, you probably have a faulty GPS in your iPhone and have to visit the nearest Apple store.

Can't use GPS navigation

1. Check internet connectivity. If you're on a WiFi connection, switch to cellular data and vice versa.

2. Go to an Apple store and get your device checked to see if the device's GPS is broken.

GPS running apps not working

1. Turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on again. Run the app and see if it works as it should.

2. If the problem persists, uninstall the app removing its data completely from the iPhone and then install it again.

3. If this doesn't fix your problem, it's time to visit the nearest Apple store.

Issues with Bluetooth GPS accessories

Apple is going to release an update in order to fix the problem so for now all you can do is just wait.

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