XGIMI projector | How to fix no signal during the HDMI connection

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The XGIMI projector is ideal for home use, allowing you to enjoy the perfect audio and video entertainment. However, many people will encounter the problem of connecting the projector via HDMI cable without signal. We offer solution to solve the problem of using XGIMI projectors.


Solutions for no signal after connecting to HDMI:


1. First of all, switch the signal source of the projector to the corresponding HDMI signal source mode. Do not switch mistakenly between HDMI1 and HDMI2. HDMI2 is recommended.


2. Check if the HDMI cable is connected properly. Some HDMI cables are one-way outputs. You need to adjust the ends of the cable and try again.


3. If there is still no signal, you can restart the computer and try again. Or you can try connecting HDMI to the TV. There are also some DVD players that need to be switched to HDMI on the DVD remote control.


4. The desktop is relatively simple. In general, it will start to work after connecting the HDMI cable. The laptop is a little more complicated. Go into the laptop graphics card control panel to set up the laptop's dual-display output or press the combination keys FN + F (F represents a key between F1-F12, and it varies from brand to brand.) to switch the video output signal of the laptop. If the entire above are correctly operated, there is still no screen display. Then there may be a HDMI cable not being contacted well. You can replace it with a new one to try again!


5. The screen displays, but it is incomplete. You can first adjust the resolution to 1280 * 800 (the best resolution of the projector), then put the mouse on the projector, press the left button and hold down, then pull down, so you can see the full screen.


6. Don’t plug one end of the HDMI cable into a separate graphics card, while the other end to the integrated graphics card. If so, the screen won’t as well.


7. You can use win + P to switch pictures.


8. If the screen has displays, but it only displays the desktop, without icons. That’s because it is set up as an extended mode. You can switch it to copy mode with the combination keys win + P.


9. Finally, you can try switching the HDMI version from 2.0 to 1.4.



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