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Xiaomi dafang 1080P smart camera connection guide

ByAdeline Belluz 2017-11-22 80066

This post is aimed to help you install Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP camera and connect the dafang to smartphone through WIFI.



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Prepare for connecting Xiaomi dafang:

1. Xiaomi dafang 1080P smart monitor camera - including dafang smart camera, USB cable and power adapter (the original is 5V 2A).

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2. Power supply - provide stable power output.

3. Wireless internet - stable wireless signal (bandwidth not less than 4M). Don't access unsafe WIFI for personal usage.

● The Xiaomi dafang smart camera only supports 2.4G WIFI.

● The WIFI should have a password.

● The WIFI's name shouldn't contain Chinese.


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4. Mi Home app - a mobile phone (both Android and iPhone is ok) installed the latest Mi Home app.

● Xiaomi phone users: Xiaomi phones with the latest MIUI system have been installed Mi Home app in advance. If your Xiaomi phone hasn't the latest version MIUI system, please update your phone: open Mi Home app - Profile - Settings - Check for updates - update.

● Other Android phone users: search "Mi Home" in app store and install the newest version, or scan QR code to download the app.

● iPhone users: search and install "Mi Home" at App Store or scan QR code to download the app (the QR code is same as Android phone's).

Xiaomi dafang IP camera installation place

1. The Xiaomi dafang IP camera can be installed randomly at a stable place, do not place it at outdoor for a long time.

2. Xiaomi dafang IP camera adopts anti-slip ABS material, so it can be placed horizontally.

3. Xiaomi dafang camera has standard camera interface that can match different tripods.


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How to pair Xiaomi dafang smart camera with phone?

Here we use the Xiaomi Mi5S smartphone as an example to show you the steps to connect Xiaomi dafang smart camera:

Step 1. Connect the camera to power source

Connect Xiaomi dafang camera to power, then the yellow STATUS light at the back of the camera is on.

Wait about 15 seconds until the STATUS light becomes blinking, dafang system is on, and it will spin in circles.

Step 2. Log in Mi Home app

Open Mi Home app and log in with your Mi account (if you haven't Mi account, you can register by yourself). Or you can log in with WeChat account by clicking WeChat icon.

Step 3. Add device to Mi Home

Enter "Mi home" interface, click "+" button on upper right corner and click "add device" (or just click "+ add device"), then you can choose  dafang 1080P smart IP camera.

Step 4. Waiting for connecting

Press and hold the SETUP button until heard "ding - waiting for connecting" and the yellow STATUS indicator light becomes blinking. Make sure you have operated according to the screen shows, if so, click "wait until you hear a voice prompt" and "Next" to enter WIFI interface.

Step 5. Connect the camera to WIFI.

The screens will show you the connected WIFI name at WIFI interface, just enter the password and click "Next".


● Please be sure your mobile phone has connected to WIFI and enter the correct password.

● The Xiaomi dafang smart IP camera only support 2.4G WIFI.

● Xiaomi dafang doesn't support WIFI with a Chinese name.

● Xiaomi dafang doesn't support WIFI without a password.

● Xiaomi dafang doesn't support router WEP encryption.

● Please turn off devices like WIFI amplifier or other similar devices and turn on after finishing the connection.

Step 6. Scan QR code to connect the dafang to your phone.

A QR code will appear on the screen. Put the dafang camera's lens about 10cm from your phone's screen to scan the QR code, after that dafang will tell you "scan successfully, connecting to the network, please wait".

Wait until Xiaomi dafang smart camera has connected to your phone.

Step 7. Watch Xiaomi dafang captured video on your phone.

Back "Mi Home" interface, find and click on dafang smart IP camera, you can watch dafang captured video. In the watching interface, you can remote control the dafang camera's lens (up, down, left and right) and other settings.


For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi dafang 1080P smart camera from us and still have problem reading the connection guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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