Xiaomi M365 electric scooter charging / starting / tire problems repair

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If you're wondering how to repair the Xiaomi M365 (repairs that can be very delicate), this guide gives you all the tips for repairing the most common failures encountered on a Xiaomi M365 .

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter  

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter: repairing charging / starting problems

If your Xiaomi M365 can not charge itself anymore (the LED stays green when you connect the charger) and does not boot anymore when you press the button dedicated to this function, then the problem may have several sources and there are several ways to fix it .

1. Xiaomi M365 electric scooter in safety mode

In safety mode, scooter needs huge efforts at the battery, or even firmware. In all these cases, repair steps on the Xiaomi M365 are as follows :

● Disassemble the cover or cover that protects the entire battery, using a star-shaped screwdriver;

● Disconnect the two large cables (black and red) located side by side on the control device, without removing the battery;

● Connect the power supply to the machine and wait 30 seconds, as if you were reloading it;

● Disconnect the power supply after 30 seconds;

● Reconnect the two large black and red cables disconnected after opening the battery cover;

● Press the ignition button on your scooter.

If everything worked, consider switching your front engine brake to “weak” from the Mi home or Ninebot app.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter  

2. Desoldering or bad contact of a connector

It may be due to the fact that one or more of the multiple small connectors on the sides of the battery are unsoldered, or their contacts are bad. In this case, the repair procedure of the Xiaomi M365 is as follows:

● Disconnect the cables that serve as a link between the battery and the control device, using a cutter if necessary;

● Check the condition of the connectors either with the eye (by looking if they are not damaged and if they are well fixed), or with the help of the multimeter for more precision (just insert the cable respectively) red and the black cable of the connector in the red tab and the black tab of the multimeter respectively.It will be necessary to make a weld (to solve the problem of false contact) of some if you find that the value displayed by the voltmeter changes when you press one or the other of these connectors;

● Perform the welds if you have found false contacts in the previous step, then reconnect all the cables;

● Check that instead of about 36 on the voltmeter, you have between 38 and 42 when reconnecting the cables and the battery and multimeter leads respectively;

● Connect the power supply to the machine and wait 30 seconds, as if you were reloading it;

● Disconnect the power supply after 30 seconds;

● Reconnect the two large black and red cables disconnected after opening the battery cover;

● Press the ignition button on your scooter.

If the scooter comes on, all you have to do is attach the battery cover.

3. Z-fuse blown

This occurs when the motor brake expels too much energy due to acceleration when the battery level is around 100%, which can also affect the temperature sensor. In this case, you just have to change the component concerned, and with all the delicacy that such a task requires.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter front tire repair (tube puncture)

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter  

The puncture of the inner tube of the M365's front tire may occur as a result of overpressure (eg: descending or climbing stairs or sidewalks), tire wear that causes the inner tube to break open. following friction during braking, or following the action of a sharp object. The Xiaomi M365 repair in all these cases is as follows  :

● Position the machine upside down on a soft surface so that the body gets scratched;

● Remove the red labels located on the two black plastic covers of the wheel; this will reveal the 6 screws (02 on one side and 04 on the other) of the two covers that will have to be unscrewed.;

● Unscrew then the nuts (02) which are revealed with the help of a key of dimension 18mm;

● Use levers to dislodge the tire, making sure not to damage the inner tube;

● Extract the valve and remove the tube with delicacy;

● Detect the air leak (inflate the chamber and immerse it in water and locate where bubbles appear, or use another technique) and remove the source of the puncture if it still exists (a spine for example) );

● Repair the leak with a patch;

● Replace the inner tube with a new one;

● Inflate the tube with a bomb against punctures : for this rather easy solution, all you have to do is find the valve without having to remove the entire tube;

● Replace the entire tire with a full tubeless (and take advantage of the fact that it can not die, but also support its low shock absorption).

It will of course then reassemble the tire in the opposite direction of disassembly, and your Xiaomi M365 will be ready to roll again.

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