Xiaomi Mi Band 2 get scratched easily? Practical tricks to solve it

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Got your eye on the awesome Mi Band 2? Or already using its wonderful features? Also, ever wonder why it sometimes gets scratched up? It's time to find out the truth.

Why does the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 get scratched so easily? From the specifications list on the official Xiaomi site, the Mi Band 2 utilizes an OLED display (manufactured mainly from glass). So, does that mean the panel is glass too? The answer is, most likely, no. As we all know, glass delivers relatively good scratch-resistant performance compared to other surfaces. So if it's not glass, what's the real material used for the OLED panel?

Regarding the mystery material, the description from Xiaomi's official site is: "The glossy black display is UV coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints". Going further, the official Chinese site describes it as being treated with double injection and UV coating processing on the panel.

Digging a little deeper, we learn that Double Injection is sometimes also referred to as "2 material", "2 shot molding" or "2K molding" – this is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complicated molded parts from two different materials. It allows for precision molding using clear plastics, colored graphics, and stylish finishes which improve overall product functionality and market value. So, we finally discover the truth: the surface material is made from plastic!

The hardness of the Mi Band 2 screen panel is similar to a phone's rear cover, which is obviously less scratch-resistant than glass; this is the reason why it sometimes gets scratched easily.

A screen protector is strongly recommended

What's the most effective way to prevent a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from getting scratched? This question is much easier to answer and Google isn't required this time: buy a good quality screen protector. A protective film on your band's display will protect it from any scrapes, scratches, and cuts, or even shock damage if you drop it.

You can find one of our most popular and effective screen protectors here:


It's rated an incredible 9H for scratch-resistance and costs a mere $1.42.

As the band is designed specifically for sports use, including the gym and outdoors in the elements, it makes even more sense to protect your investment. Only when you protect your Mi Band carefully can you use it to its full potential as your daily fitness companion. Check the link now and see just how tough it is, despite being just having a thickness of 0.2mm.


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