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Xiaomi MI drone rising trouble shooting

BySigismondo Eisenhower 2019-07-23 10727

Xiaomi MI drone doesn't rise, Xiaomi MI drone doesn't take off, Xiaomi MI drone doesn't stabilize. 90% of the list of problems are related to the flight and stabilization of the drone. In this article we are going to mention the possible problems that make a drone not take off or sometimes only rise a few centimeters.

Xiaomi MI drone 

MI drone does not rise because of a low battery

Make sure the drone battery is fully charged. If the drone has a battery monitoring system, the flight controller cannot connect to the drone and arm it when the drone voltage is below a certain level.

● Magnetometer and IMU Not calibrated

The manometer (used as a compass) can be miscalibrated when exposed to strong electromagnetic interference (EMI). Make sure the magnetometer is away from batteries, motors, magnets and other elements that could cause an EMI.

Follow the calibration procedure for the flight controller to ensure that your magnetometer and IMU are properly calibrated prior to flight.

● Bad GPS signal

Some GPS-equipped flight controllers require a good signal before starting the flight to ensure they have a place to return in the event of loss of the radio signal control system (LOS).

Leave your drone on but unarmed for a couple of minutes with a clear view of the sky to ensure a good GPS signal before flying.

The engines spin the propellers in the wrong direction and MI drone doesn't rise

Most flight controllers turn the drone's engines at low speed before starting the flight. Make sure the propellers rotate in the right direction.

● AC motors, alternating current

To change the direction of rotation of a motor, either of the two cables connecting the motor to the speed governor must be exchanged. This can be done by changing the order of gradual introduction of the three-phase motors.

Xiaomi MI drone

● DC motors, direct current

Alternatively, if the drone uses DC engines (Parrot.AR and some smaller aircraft), first check that its thrusters are installed in the correct engines. These engines are factory installed and are not likely to rotate in the wrong direction.

MI drone does not rise and flip on the takeoff

Probably the most common question that generates confusion among the new riders who have set up their own drone. This problem seems to be easy to solve, but difficult to diagnose. This is because there are some different problems that can be the cause of the drone going sideways and not stabilizing:

● The motor turns in the wrong direction:

The flight controllers are configured so that the drone motor rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. You have to check the correct direction of rotation of the engine in the manual of the flight controller.

● Propellers installed incorrectly

The thrusters must rotate in the direction that forces the air down with the concavity of the leaf curved downwards. Check that the propeller is rotating in the correct direction and are not installed upside down.

Xiaomi MI drone 

● Flight Controller Orientation

If you have mounted the flight controller in an alternative way, make sure that your flight controller has the correct configuration.

MI drone does not rise due to radio system failure

Antenna placement is the key to success for any wireless system. Antenna quality and location are important for good signal strength.

Xiaomi MI drone​ 

● Radio Amplifiers

Using an amplifier to increase signal strength can significantly increase distance from the drone. However, these amplifiers saturate the receiver at close range. With the receiver used for such a strong signal, any minor block in the line of sight can cause the radio connection to fail.

● Propellers fly away during flight

Strangely enough, this happens from time to time and can result in significant harm. There are accessories on sale to help secure your drone's propellers and prevent them from loosening.

● Battery life is significantly short

Batteries should be stored at room temperature, in the shade, with low humidity. High temperatures and humidity can damage the chemistry inside the cells, causing the battery to lose capacity and result in shorter flight times.

● Defective battery manufacturer

Some batteries may be defective, we have seen this with a few dron packs is Phantom 2. Contact the manufacturer for a replacement if you feel your battery may be defective.

These are just some of the most common causes that cause MI drone to not rise.

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