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Xiaomi Mi phone | Global Internet, driving, shopping

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-10 3987

When traveling abroad, it is inevitable that problems such as Internet access, self-driving navigation and language translation will be involved. These five functions of MIUI enable you to go abroad without seeking help at all. Without carrying various other devices, a Xiaomi Mi phone can solve all the above problems.

Global Internet access: no need to rent third-party Internet access devices

It is important to get information online in time when you are away from home. Before going abroad, it was popular to rent third-party Internet equipment for use before going abroad, which not only required deposit, but also required all kinds of procedures for lease and ownership of responsibility in case of damage to the equipment. It could be said that it was very troublesome. Xiaomi Mi phones have built-in very convenient global Internet access function, which does not require the purchase of local entity SIM card insertion, and has nothing to do with the existing phone number, just in the "global Internet access" app to buy a package and click "enable", a few seconds after the Internet.

Open method: click "global Internet access" APP, select the country you want to go to, enter and select the desired package and then click "immediately open method: click" global Internet access "APP, select the country you want to go to, enter and select the desired package and then click" immediately book ", select the desired number of days after the purchase. When you arrive at your destination, open the order. The global Internet access function supports 68 countries and regions, and users can normally be enabled even when disconnected from the Internet, which is very convenient and user-friendly.

Driving mode: self-driving travel AI assistant

For some popular tourist destinations, compared with group travel, the choice of free travel, especially self-driving travel can fully appreciate the local scenery. Overseas driving inevitably encountered unfamiliar conditions, it can be said that a car navigator is a necessity for self-driving travel. The latest "driving mode" function in MIUI 10 not only integrates the most commonly used navigation function of users, but AI assistant little love schoolmate can also help you quickly reply to WeChat, make phone calls, find the place you want to go and play music. All the above functions can be easily controlled by voice, which has obvious advantages over the traditional vehicle navigation device.

self-driving trave mode

Open method: at present, the "driving mode" in MIUI 10 is still an experimental function, which needs to be opened in the "MIUI laboratory" set by the system. When opened, a "driving mode" icon will appear in the drop-down notice bar. Users can click it to enter driving mode.

Scan: shopping translation does not ask for help

Of course, shopping cannot be avoided when traveling abroad, but because of being in a foreign country, it is not only possible that the language is not familiar, but also possible that shopping is "ripped off" in the process of being unfamiliar with the price. "scan" function in Xiaomi Mi phone is absolutely the Gospel to solve this problem. It can achieve automatic photo translation, through the "photo purchase" function, users can also refer to the online store prices before buying.

Open method: enter "scan" APP on the desktop, select "take photos to buy", click "take photos" on the product, MIUI will automatically connect to TaoBao to search for the corresponding product; The "translation" function aims at the word you want to translate, and automatically gives the Chinese definition. It supports six foreign languages: English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and German.

Currency conversion: know how much it costs

Foreign currency settlement is no longer in local currency, so it's easy to have no idea how much money you're spending and accidentally blow up your credit card. Don't worry, the built-in "exchange rate conversion" function in MIUI calculator supports online real-time update of exchange rates of mainstream currencies on the same day, so you can see how much it costs to go abroad.


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