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Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit overview and APP setting guide

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-22 4607

Xiaomi Smart Home kit is centered on a multi-function gateway and intelligently controlled with human sensors, door and window sensors, and wireless switches. This set of products can realize night light, smart reminder, wireless doorbell and other functions through simple installation and setting. It can also be linked with other devices to open a new smart life.

Xiaomi Mijia Multi-function gateway 

Advantages of Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit

● Firstly, it works over WiFi, i.e. you can control it directly from your mobile phone. And, as it is attached to your Xiaomi Mi account when setting it up, it can be done from any place where there is Internet, not only from the same local network to which the Smart Home is connected.

● Secondly, it is possible to add to Smart Home Kit a few more devices that are sold separately - a smart socket, surveillance camera, air conditioner, air freshener, lamp, etc.

Main purposes of Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit

● when you're at home.

● or when you're not here.

In the first case, it is possible to set a specific triggering action for the components in different configurations. For example, when driving in a room or opening a door, the light on the control unit or a separate night light will be on. And when you press the bell, you will hear a beep from the speaker or turn on the ip camera.

It is also possible to activate the system separately in the alarm mode when the siren and camera are activated when the sensors are activated.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit package

● Multi-function gateway

Xiaomi Mijia Multi-function gateway is a round device that combines a system control unit, a sound speaker and a light source.

Xiaomi Mijia Multi-function gateway 

● Motion sensor

The motion sensor has a cylindrical shape with a cut-out under the sensor, which occupies a sector at a distance of 1/3 of the total surface of the lateral circle. There is a hole for zeroing out the settings.

● Door & window sensor

The door sensor consists of two elements equipped with magnets. There is also a paperclip hole and a small connection indicator light on the base.

● Wireless switch

The switch is round and flat shape. There is a mode switch on the back cover. It can be used either as a doorbell or as a sensor mode switch.

● Wireless socket

Xiaomi socket provides a safe and efficient way to control power consumption while charging electronic devices. When synchronized with the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway, it allows you to turn on and off the power to your electronic device from a distance through the dedicated mobile application. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Adding to the Xiaomi Smart Home app

Step 1: Scanning the QR code

Step 2 : Add device

Add device 

Step 3: Connect to a smart home, click on the "plus" button and select Mi Smart Home. The program window will open and you will be asked to insert the main control unit into the socket. We do what we ask, and we press "Next."

The lamp flashes yellow and the program asks you to define the flashing mode - usually the first one.

define the flashing mode 

Activate it with a tick and go to the next step, where you will need to enter the login and password from your wifi - the phone and smart home must be on the same network.

Then we wait for the head unit to connect to the router and all other sensors.

After that, Mi Home Kit will appear in the list in the program. Click on it and you'll be taken to the main control panel of our smart home.

Mi Home Kit  

Main setting block

First of all, let's take a look at the settings of the main block - they are hidden in the item "Gateway". In the first light control unit - the tone and brightness can be adjusted in detail

Mi Home Kit  

● Basic functions:

Alarm clock. It's simple, we set the time and days of the week. The peculiarity is that the whole complex lives according to the Beijing time, so when installing we take into account the difference in time zones with China. There is also a setting for how to disable it, either by sensor or manually

Mi Home Kit  

A night-lighter. Here you can set up a sensor that will trigger the lamp and the duration of the backlight. It is also possible to set the schedule of its work by days and hours

Mi Home Kit  

Alarm system. The alarm siren mode can be activated by triggering one or more sensors and setting up an activation schedule. Also available is a selection of alarm sounds and volume

Doorbell. The settings allow you to assign a switch as a doorbell, and you can activate a pop-up message on your smartphone. You can also assign a melody and call volume.

Setting sensor scripts

Now let's go back to the main menu of the smart home and go over the sensors. Their settings are similar except for some of their inherent features. Specifically, each of them can be configured with work scripts - when the sensor is triggered, we select what action to perform on the available devices.

Mi Home Kit  

There are already pre-installed plus you can create your own. I have a head unit and a camera available to connect to the script. You can assign a task to them - all of them, unfortunately, are written in Chinese.

Mi Home Kit  

In addition, for some tasks you can set the time during which it will be executed - for example, the night light will be switched on only at night on weekdays on the move.

After the script is created, it will appear on the Sensor Setup page - you can activate or deactivate it with the slider.

Mi Home Kit  

The same sensors can be added to the system by selecting the corresponding menu item in the "Gateway" - "Add subdevice" section. To do this, remove the paperclip from the set and press the button in the small hole - the sensor will connect itself to the control unit.

Bottom menu

The night light can be switched on with a separate button (it is also activated with the button on the body) and the arming mode can be activated. The latter is activated within a minute so that you can leave the room in time. The main remote control starts flashing red and a beep sounds in 10 seconds.

Mi Home Kit ​ 

That's a pretty detailed overview. In general, I used the set for some time and came to the conclusion that if you buy to it a few more motion sensors and doors, it is perfect for a private house with outbuildings. If you put them on the whole territory, your farm will be under constant control and protection against intrusion of uninvited guests at any time of the day.

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