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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp FAQ

BySteve Lowry 2019-02-03 8139

How to start "focus mode" of Xiaomi Mijia Mi smart LED desk lamp ? What is the "kid mode"? How to reset mijia Desk Lamp? Does Xiaomi Mijia Mi smart LED desk lamp support upgrading firmware? Let's have a look.

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp


"Focus mode" is similar to Pomodoro. Once focus mode is started, the lamp will notice the user through different patterns of light-breathing at different phases. By using this mode, user can concentrate during work phase and have a rest when break phase is coming. A star will be rewarded to user once he/she completes several rounds of "focus mode". Suppose you have configured your "focus mode" to: "work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes". Then right after you start "focus mode", the light will breathe twice to indicate that a work phase begins. When work phase is over after 25 minutes, a more gentle breathe is started to let you know it's time to take a break. The gentle breathe will last for 5 minutes, after that the light will breathe twice again to notice that the next round of work begins. This pattern continues until you stop "focus mode" through App or turn off the lamp. If you find the breathing is somehow annoying, you can stop it by turning or clicking the knob. (note: the breathe will stop and light will recover but the whole "focus mode" circle is not stopped).
Turn on "focus mode" in your App or double-click the knob on the lamp.
Children's eyes are more susceptible than adults for the damage of blue light. Under "kid mode", the color temperature is limited to 2700K-4000K, which contains much less blue light.

Reading Mode: A 100% brightness and 4000K white light is provided by the lamp. This light is suitable for reading thanks to its moderate color temperature and adequate brightness.

PC mode: A 30% brightness and 2700K warm light is provided by the lamp. This light will protect your eyes by reducing the proportion of the blue light which is proven to be harmful to human eyes.

(1) Click the knob to turn on/ off the lamp; 

(2) Turn the knob to adjust the brightness; 

(3) Turn the know while pressing to adjust the color temperature; 

(4) Double click the knob to start "focus mode".

Directly press and hold the RESET button on the bottom panel with a pin for approximately 5 seconds, release the RESET button after the light start to flash. If you can see the light flash for 5 seconds and then go off, that means the light has been reset successfully.
If your mijia Desk Lamp can't be connected, you may need to check:

(1) Your WiFi router is working and can connect to internet. Note: mijia Desk Lamp doesn't support 802.11ac (5G Hz), so please choose 2.4G when doing the initial connection.

(2) Your smart phone can access the internet through your WiFi router.

(3) Make sure Yeelight Application is installed properly on your smart phone. It needs Android 4.0 and above or iOS7 and above.

(4) Make sure mijia Desk Lamp has not been connected before, otherwise, you need to follow the instruction to reset the bulb firstly and try again.

We strongly recommend that user upgrade to the latest firmware at the first time to experience the new features


Wrap up


For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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