Xiaomi router 3 offline frequently troubleshooting guide

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-09-02 8157

Many people are discussing the issue of Xiaomi WiFi router 3 offline frequently. In fact, if there i not the reason of router quality. We can solve this problem with some simple steps. Below, we will talk about the reasons of Xiaomi WiFi router 3 offline, and how to fix it.

Xiaomi router 3 ​ 

Why Xiaomi router 3 get offline frequently?

1. There is conflict in Intranet address and external address

2. There are two many DHCP servers in the network.

3. The wrong DNS setting

4. Too many records and log files

5. The firm ware is out date

6. You WiFi routre put on the wet place

7. The are too many devices share a on plug with Xiaomi router 3

Xiaomi WiFi router 3 troubleshooting guide

● A software error occurs in the operation of the WiFi router. It is recommended to restart the WiFi router and restart it.

● Reduce the distance between the mobile terminal and the WiFi router and physical obstacles to ensure good WiFi signal coverage quality;

● Check if the WiFi router is well ventilated and dissipated, and avoid the overheating temperature, causing the WiFi router to operate abnormally.

● Check whether there is a strong radio interference source around the WiFi router, which affects the transmission quality of the wireless signal between the mobile terminal and the WiFi router.

● Take the normal mobile phone test to see if the WiFi will be dropped. If it is also dropped, there may be software or hardware failure of the WiFi router. You can reset the WiFi router to the factory state first.

● You can see if the lan port of the router blinks normally. If it is not flashing, it is the problem of the network cable. If it blinks, you can reset the route first:

Step 1: Open ie, enter in the address bar (can be viewed on the back of the route);

Step 2: Enter the account number and password, which are usually admin (can be viewed on the back of the route);

The third step: enter the setup wizard interface;

Step 4: Choose the Internet access method: PPPoE;

Step 5: Enter the corresponding account number and password for the broadband

Step 6: Set the wireless connection username and password of the router, and click "Save";

Step 7: Find the wireless information directly on the computer and enter the password to access the Internet.

If the sixth step network is often unresponsive, it is recommended to call the operator directly to solve the problem.

Note: If other devices are connected properly and only one device is not connected properly, you are advised to check whether the device is normal.

● If the factory default value can not be processed, try to modify the router's dns, replace it with Alibaba Cloud's dns or the operator's dns. If it still doesn't work, change the router to test it and eliminate the problem. The last is to return the goods.

How to fix Xiaomi router 3 offline problem?

Step 1: Enter the Xiaomi router APP and click on the settings.

Step 2: Enter WIFI settings

Step 3: Turn off WIFI dual-band integration, set 2.4GWIFI to wall-through mode, and set 5GWIFI mode to standard mode.

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