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Zeblaze Blitz 3G Smartwatch Phone troubleshooting

ByGB Blog Official 2017-03-10 3583

The Zeblaze Blitz reboots constantly or cannot be charged? The blurred screen shows up? Invalid waterproof? GPS failure or inaccurate positing? Here are the handy solutions.

The Zeblaze Blitz 3G smartwatch phone has superior configuration and extraordinary experience. Coupled with the skin-friendly material and powerful MTK 6580 quad-core processor, it wins many hearts of our dear customers. However, some using problems may occur. Take it easy, all will be solved by our suggestions as follows.

The system crash may be concerned with incompatible apps, so try to uninstall the recent-download apps if you can enter the system firstly. If it is useless, then try the methods below:

● Restore factory settings: Setting - Reset equipment - Factory data setting.

● It also may be caused by the hardware problems like the poor battery contacts and circuit board failure, then you need to ask for the help of after-sales support service.

● Try to restart the smartwatch phone.

● Restore factory settings: Setting - Reset equipment - Factory data setting.

● If above methods still can not solve the problem, it may be the FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) fault, come to ask for help of after-sale service or go to the repair store nearby.

As the first charge, get a full charge for about 3 hours or more via USB adapter directly connected to the high-power charging socket and then power it on. If the device cannot be charged try as following solutions:

● Check whether the charger contacts are good or not. Scrape the contact point via the blade to if they are oxidized.

● Try to change another USB cable or the USB port of the PC or others power supply devices.

● If it is the fault of the charging base or the smartwatch phone itself, come to ask for help from after-sales or get maintenance.

With excellent design and rigorous process what brings this smartwatch phone with IP67 level of waterproof and dust proof ability. But why water fogs the inner surface of the watch? You need to know that what does IP67 mean at first:

● "6" stands for "Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion)."

● "7" stands for "No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight). A vacuum must be applied. Test duration of up to 8 hours based on air flow."

A. Therefore, if the device immerses in 1-meter deep water at ambient temperature and pressure, it will be safe;

B. Also, it can guarantee the daily-water, such as splash and short time submersion water on hand or face washing;

C. However, the water is easy to inflow to inside if in higher temperature and pressure. So we suggest to take it off when you are bathing or swimming for better using.

Try to restore factory setting or use OTA (Over The Air) to upgrade in the smartwatch phone settings, better in the Wi-Fi environment.

The includes system and APP use some memory and the "2GB" shows are the effective storage for using beyond that. Click the file manager, users can check the available memory, and click again can scan, add new, edit files, with charge dock and USB cable, it can connect to computer for transferring or saving the files.

Take a look at the storage condition as the following picture:

Zeblaze Blitz 3G smartwatch phone

Generally speaking, the built-in 480mAh polymer battery provides 1 - 2 days standby time, but the specific is subject to the actual use of the users. And it is normal to have less use time if utilized a lot of calls, GPS and Internet. If it is still short using time, try as follows:

● Try to revive the battery, recommend to get it be charged 2 to 3 hours when there are 10% or so power.

● The battery may be the fault with less working time in the normal standby condition, please ask the help from the after-sales support center.

Yes, it supports Bluetooth headphone connection. You can activate Bluetooth both on mobile or watch: Set - About - check the Bluetooth address, write it down.

Yes, it supports OTG (USB On-The-Go) function. In other words, you can use USB devices like flash drives directly with the smartwatch phone.


Final words:

GearBest user's Aftersales service center is here. For further questions and help, simply enter this page and fill in your ticket information before sending to us. We will deal with your issues as soon as we receive them.


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