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10 best New Year gift ideas for men 2019

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Looking for a practical yet original gift for a friend in 2019? We’ve rounded up 10 fun New Year gift ideas for men in this quick post: from the latest smartphones and smart bands to wireless audio gadgets and trendy accessories.

1. New smartphone: OnePlus 6T - $569.99

OnePlus 6T

A new phone for a new year seems both practical and meaningful. The OnePlus 6T is one of the going year’s most popular smartphone thanks to its large 6.41 inch 2340 x 1080 display and the impressive 86% screen-to-body ratio thanks to the tiny notch at the top. What else makes the OnePlus 6T a good gift?

● Snapdragon 845 Octa Core processor for smooth multitasking and easy gaming

● 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage for storing holiday videos and photos

● 16MP selfie shooter with auto HDR and electronic image stabilization

● 16.0MP + 20.0MP rear cam with optical image stabilization, Studio Lighting and Quick Night Mode.

2. New fitness tracker: HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband - $39.99

HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband

We can bet that one of your New Year resolutions is to exercise more — and it’s probably the same for lot of people. The HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband is a good choice to be a workout companion in 2019 for several reasons.

First, it comes with a dedicated heart rate monitor that will give you detailed feedback as you workout or take a break from exercising

Second, the Honor Band 4 features a larger display than most other similar fitness band models — and you will be able to clearly see all your data on the 0.95 inch AMOLED display.

Finally, the smart bracelet will give you loads of standard fitness data (steps, distance, calories, etc.) and will also monitor your sleep, remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day and make sure that you will not spend too much time behind the desk.

3. New beauty accessory: Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver - $33.99

Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver

A shaver is probably one of the most classic gifts out there — but the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver gives this classic gift a new life. The Mijia shaver comes with the Mabuchi 260 motor with two gears: standard gear and acceleration gear. In its fastest mode, it reaches the cutting speed of 3.9m/second. The shaver is completely waterproof with IPx7 waterproof rating and supports both wet and dry shave. You will be able to charge the shaver like most other electronic gadgets — via the USB charging cable. You can charge the shaver for just 5 minutes and this will be enough for a single shave. On full charge, you can easily use it for 60 minutes, which translates into about 30 standard shaves.

4. New smartwatch: Xiaomi Amazfit Verge - $169.99

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge 

If you are looking for a gift for someone who knows and loves smartwatches, the new Xiaomi Amazfit Verge will be an interesting choice. Following the company’s previous models like the the Pace and Stratos, the Verge combines a classic watch look with the functionality of a fitness tracker — and a bit more. The Verge comes with a heart rate monitor and features 11 sports modes including jogging, hiking, working out at the gym as well as other activities like golfing, rowing, and even playing soccer. With that, it’s not all about sports: the Amazfit Verge also comes with an NFC modules that enables mobile payments and other functionality — for instance, in China, you will be able to use the watch to pay for public transportation in 165 cities.

5. New earphones: Xiaomi Mi AirDots 

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 

As more and more smartphones do away with the headphone jack, wireless earphones are bound to get more and more popular. But the Xiaomi Mi AirDots are not just wireless, they are true wireless. This means that they have absolutely no wires around them: neither for connecting to your phone, nor connecting to each other. Each earbud is an independent piece of equipment and communicates with its counterpart absolutely wire-free — via Bluetooth 5.0.

Sitting right in your ear canal, the AirDots feature 7.2mm dynamic speakers and, for their small size, are capable of explosive audios and strong bass. You can control the earbuds via the mini touch panels on the sides, which are also a shortcut for getting in touch with Xiaomi’s AI Assistant — Xiaoai.

6. New speaker: Xiaomi MDZ - ZB – DE AI speaker - $12.99

Xiaomi MDZ - ZB – DE AI speaker

Don’t get discouraged by the complicated name — Xiaomi’s new speaker is, in fact, super light and compact and very easy in use. The mini speaker can fit into your pocket and is designed for effortless use on the go. Once the speaker is paired with your phone, you can activate it by simply speaking into your phone’s microphone. The speaker also sports one touch AI activation: simply short or long press the button at the bottom of the device to activate the AI assistant. Then, you will be able to ask the speaker simple questions (weather, movie times, etc.) or send commands to send messages or make calls.

Despite the miniature size, the speaker is capable of high volume and a powerful bass with very low distortion thanks to the dynamic compression algorithm.

7. New backpack: Original Xiaomi Backpack - $38.99

Original Xiaomi Backpack 

A good backpack or laptop bag is indispensable for any gadget lover. The Original Xiaomi Backpack is a good option as it was made by a company that knows quite a bit about gadgets. It has all the necessary compartments for storing your electronics and has a special interlayer pocket for a 14 inch laptop. The backpack measures just 11.81 x 5.51 x 15.35 inches but features an impressive load capacity of up to 25kg. Like most backpacks, it comes with adjustable straps, a soft handle and a padded inner lining that makes it comfortable to wear. Xiaomi’s backpack is water resistant — a great feature for a laptop bag as your electronics will be dry and safe even on a rainy day.

8.New wallet: BULLCAPTAIN leather wallet - $45.30

BULLCAPTAIN leather wallet 

If you are looking for a symbolic present, there is no going wrong with a nice new wallet — a symbol of prosperity, success and overall financial bliss. You don’t have to shop around for a super expensive branded wallet either — this leather wallet by BULLCAPTAIN looks and acts the part perfectly. It is made of real high quality leather and is made in classic brown color easily matching any outfit. The wallet is compact measuring just 3.54 x 0.98 x 5.12 inches but impressively spacious storing up to ten cards and is suitable for both banknotes and coins. Plus, it has enough compartments for having all the contents of the wallet well-organized instead of having all your cards and money piled into a single slot.

9. New hat: Batou headscarf - $10.12

Batou headscarf 

Headscarves are getting incredibly popular — so why not give one of your friends or relatives the gift of dressing in style? The Batou headscarf is a simple enough accessory that wears  and looks well. It is made from cotton and you can be sure that the hat will feel nice on your skin and you won’t look like a mad scientist when you take it off (as is often the case with synthetic headwear). The hat is quite light — a great solution for those who don’t like heavy wool hats —a and is suitable for all seasons.

10. New vaping kit: Voopoo Drag2  - $78.73

Voopoo Drag2  

The Voopoo Drag2 kit is an electronic cigarette kit sporting the revolutionary GENE.FIT chip and the all-new Uforce T2 Tank. The first thing of note about the kit is the compact design and a variety of visually striking color combos. Naturally, it’s not about the looks — but the mod packs in a powerful punch: it can handle any coil, offers excellent airflow adjustment and will give its proud owner the gift of truly intense flavors. The mod comes with a well-sized OLED display where you will be able to clearly see all data, is powered by two 18650 batteries and is capable of the maximum output of 177W.

There you have it — 10 interesting ideas for gifts this New Year, all of which you can find of GearBest and benefit from holiday discounts as well. Still did not find the right gift? Check out other categories with more deals and promotions on GB!


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