10nm Intel Tiger Lake CPU Spotted on SiSoftware

ByFelicity Rosa 2019-05-22 728

Yesterday, one of AMD's second-generation Epyc chips appeared on SiSoftware and today it's the competition's turn, as the first Intel Tiger Lake processor has also appeared on the website. In the listing, the chip is identified as 'Intel Tiger Lake Client Platform'. It is also indicated that this is a dual-core CPU with a basic clock speed of 1.5 GHz, which can be boosted to a maximum of 1.8 GHz. It also uses 2 MB of L3 cache. This information is not improbable as Tiger Lake's 10nm production process is focused on ULV laptops, so low consumption is preferred to impressive specifications.

10nm Intel Tiger Lake CPU Spotted on SiSoftware

The Tiger Lake processors are scheduled for 2020 and will follow up on the Ice Lake and Paint Field chips. It uses the new Willow Cove architecture, which replaces the Sunny Cove architecture, and finally integrates Intel Xe graphics. The latter should make it possible to control one 8K monitor or several 4K monitors, as the graphic processing power would be up to four times higher than that of Whiskey Lake and up to twice as high as that of Amber Lake.


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