1MORE Stylish true wireless in-ear headphones review

ByDaniel Camilo 2019-06-03 1414

Those who visited ifa in the fall of last year simply could not ignore it: the trend for wireless InEars is clearly towards the completely wireless version. Almost every manufacturer had such a model on offer. Now I have the variant of 1More ago. The "Stylish True Wireless InEar" is waiting to be scrutinized by me. With an RRP of € 89.99, it is priced in the very attractive, mass-suitable midfield settled. How he sounds and otherwise strikes like that? Continue reading.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear

The principle of "true-wireless" InEars is always the same: two individual InEars, a charging box. And no more annoying cables between the two cases. These neck cable solutions - which many even advertise as "wireless" - I find half-hearted. The only advantage of these things is in sports or other activities where you risk losing the parts when they slip out of your ears. With neck cable then there is a chance that you do not fall immediately and then - z.b. when mountain biking - disappear in the morass. But let's get back to the 1More True Wireless.

So, what do we have here?

Basically, here we have the same principle as you see it now more often: Two InEars, which are wirelessly connected to each other and which also communicate wirelessly with the source / playback device via Bluetooth. In addition a handy transport box, in which the InEars can also be loaded immediately. The InEars are characterized by high-quality sound from a titanium-coated, dynamic driver, dominate Bluetooth 5, aptX and AAC, have a good runtime and promise an easy handling.

Packaging & delivery

The 1More True Wireless InEars come in a small, compact and attractive cardboard box with a hinged lid. I can imagine that you would like to buy such a box just at the airport before the flight. The scope of delivery is manageable and customary in the industry: in addition to the InEars, there are a total of four different pairs of silicone attachments and three different "O-Hooks" in the box. In addition, there is a short USB cable, a small plastic pouch and the usual paperwork.

Technical specifications

As always for those who are interested and for the sake of completeness, here is the list of technical data:

Model: E1026BT

Weight (single InEar): 6.2g

Impedance: 16 Ω

Wireless Range: 10 m

Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 5

Bluetooth® codecs: aptX / AAC / SBC

Input: 5V 1A

Headphone Battery Capacity (Single): 55 mAh

Case Battery Capacity: 410 mAh

Charging time InEars: 85 min

Charging time Case: 85 min

Battery life InEars fully charged: 6.5h

Battery life Headphones and case fully charged: 24h

Workmanship & design

The True Wirteless In-ear

As expected from 1More, the build quality is very good. Although the housing of the InEars consists only of plastic, which is no problem at all. The surface seems to be specially coated - it has a metallic sheen and therefore looks much higher quality. Sharp edges, burrs or other manufacturing irregularities I could not discover, the production quality is consistently good.

The loading case

The loading case follows the formal language of the InEars and is also egg-shaped. The plastic used feels a bit simpler on the case. Unfortunately, here also an old micro-USB port for charging the case battery is used. Why not a USB-C?

In addition, the connection is so far embedded in the housing / set back that most commercially available cables do not fit - so you should not lose the enclosed cable better!

Otherwise, the case is quite fine: Small and handy and quickly stowed in the jacket or pants exchanges.


The comfort is absolutely great. For me, the InEars sit without the attached hooks - which can otherwise be clamped in the Concha and promise extra hold - the best. The cases are pleasantly rounded and not too large, so that wearing over a long period of time to any irritation such as pressure pain by edges or similar. to lead. The rounded shape of the case provides a soft and proverbial round ear contact - there are no sharp edges or corners. I use the middle silicone tips and do without the silicone hooks.


Apple did it. Their AirPods work just great. No pairing orgies, no fumbling with any keys. Even the haptic Apple Case is terrific - the handling of the system is perfect anyway: Dose on, Airpods out, in the ear and music on!

So easy and flawless I would like that as a commuter or in the office. Quite similarly smooth, this works even with the 1More - albeit a bit slower. The first pairing process takes some getting used to - but then everything works out wonderfully.

Well solved: When removing the InEars will automatically go to and connect to the device to which they were previously connected. When the InEars are put back in the case, playback stops and the devices are turned off and charged.

What is on the one side of an advantage - namely the comfort of the round shape of the InEars, provides the handling for one or the other frustration: Several times I have the peg crept out of hand, because they are not very good grip through the curves.

Pair To phone

Hands-free talking about True Wireless InEars works without any problems and the sound quality is good. My partner could always understand me well - even in noisy environments. For this clear speech intelligibility provides a noise suppression. Mind you: This is not an active noise reduction when listening to music. It is only used for better speech intelligibility when making calls.

Siri & Co.

The integration of language assistants is relatively useless for me because I do not like them - in my case, Siri - like. But from there it works well. For me, a manual operation is still fixer and more direct.

Battery life

1More indicates the duration with 6.5h. So accurate, you can check so bad, because the runtime is always on the use profile and, for example. depending on the volume. But 5h the InEar creates easy, before he has to go back into the loading case. The battery in the case is fully charged in about 85 minutes.

Nice feature: The headphone has a quick-charge function. In 15 minutes there is enough juice in it for a running time of about three hours. TOP!

sound quality

Let's get to the most important point of a headphone test: the sound properties.

And here is the 1More True Wireless fully convincing. Sonically, I have absolutely nothing to complain about the invoked price - on the contrary: the vote is pleasantly balanced. Basses and treble are a bit stressed, but in a well-dosed measure, which seems to me to be very musical. The InEar is definitely not a bass bomber - but also not a fun spoiler.

In mobile use in recent weeks, he has proven to be extraordinarily well-sounding and uncomplicated companion.

The sound in detail:


The bass of the 1More is great for this price range! No Bollerbass that bleeds into the middle and blunders everything, but a very well-defined and crisp bass. The raised bass emphasis is just right for a mobile InEar. So (not only) Powermetal is fun!

In the middle

The mids are also pleasantly balanced - perfect for loud guitar music! I have to say, I like what I hear here very much. Energetic guitar riffs come in bold, powerful and with a lot of penetration and radiance.


In the heights, the 1More Stylish True Wireless is comfortable and unproblematic, nothing annoys or pushes itself too much into the foreground. But he also does not play overly detailed - here m.M.n. be a little more glitter. Still, he's still brilliant enough not to sound dull.


The instrument separation is very good. Even with overloaded prog rock productions it is easily possible to follow all instruments and tracks - of course in detail only if you are not disturbed by penetrating outside noise.


The insulation is - if the InEar sits well and the seal fits - really outstanding. Due to the good ergonomics of the 1More TW sits really good with me and also very well shields from outside noise. Best conditions, therefore, to use it on the way.

Finally, I can certify the 1More Stylish True Wireless an absolutely harmonious and balanced sound signature, which works very well with any music genre imaginable.

1More Stylish True Wireless vs. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

How does the InEar compare to my current reference in the area of ​True Wireless Inears - the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless?

Not so bad - if you include the price!

Purely sonically, the Sennheiser but clearly the nose before - he costs just about three times. He has the more structured and solid bass with more punch and attack, has more details and brilliance and also has the grippier centers. But the vote of the 1More neutral - the Sennis is more energetic and makes more mood. Here, the personal taste and the wallet decide in the end.


All 1More products tested by me were great! The Quad Driver Inear? First class! The triple? Super. Triple Over Ear? Also very good!

And even here tested 1More Stylish True Wireless InEars leave me with a convincing and commendable impression. They sound good, the build quality is fine for the price and the ergonomics are really good.

The mix of sound quality, workmanship, handling and price fits once again at 1More. If you are looking for a cheap and very good sounding True Wireless InEar for daily use, you should definitely take a look at the 1More. For less than 100 € you get an absolutely convincing package.

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