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2 in 1 magnetic electronic screen writing pen stylus set – explore infinite possibilities

ByDavid Tsang 2018-09-25 2389

Q: When is a pen not a pen? A: When it’s the 2-in-1 Magnetic Pen Stylus. Easily one of the most innovative and creative products we’ve seen in a long time, this multifunctional pen is literally a stroke of genius. Find out why in our short product guide.


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the design of 2-in-1 magnetic pen stylus

2 in 1 magnetic electronic screen writing pen stylus set overview

Most people have a favorite pen, but virtually nobody has a pen that also functions as an electronic stylus and building block set. Meet the 2-in-1 Magnetic Pen Stylus, a fully-featured writing pen that works as a normal pen writing on paper, while extending its versatility to a stylus for touch writing on mobile screens and as a pointer for mobile games. Easy to grip and incredibly responsive, it's designed to offer maximum precision and accuracy for every writing task.

the functions of writing and touching on 2-in-1 magnetic pen stylus 


2 in 1 Magnetic Electronic Screen Writing Pen Stylus Set - SILVER

2 in 1 Magnetic Electronic Screen Writing Pen Stylus Set - SILVER
$12.3 $9.49    


The 2-in-1 pen stylus is composed of magnetic segments that can be disassembled for an array of uses. These focus on creativity and relaxation; for example, they can be re-assembled into exciting configurations and constructions. The joined segments can even be used as a compass to make perfect circles or to create a floating gyro that mimicks the action of a fidget spinner.

the multiple uses of 2-in-1 magnetic pen stylus 

the creating floating gyro of 2-in-1 magnetic pen stylus

Extremely lightweight and comfortable to hold, the pen is ideal for long writing sessions or extensive mobile device. It's built to last and offer excellent durability, no matter how busy your work or social life is. Stand out with this innovative combination pen, and shop one of the most unique gifts possible.

Product highlights

Compact, light and affordable, this creative pen redefines what's possible with a pen. Whether your focus is on productivity or relaxation, this pen offers the best of both worlds.

● Extremely versatile design

● Compact design to minimize hand fatigue

● Can be transformed for limitless possibilities

● Magnetic for convenient assembly and easy attachment

● Superb gift especially for students and children

Why you should buy it

An incredibly well-rounded and versatile 2-in-1 pen offers a world of possibilities. Seamlessly bridging the analog world of writing and your digital needs, we are delighted to give this awesome pen two thumbs up. Get it now for just $9.49 at GearBest today.


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