2019 8-core MacBook Pro benchmark score exposure: significant performance improvement

ByAdeline Belluz 2019-05-25 977

According to the latest benchmark score data, Apple's latest 2019 MacBook Pro (eight-core 15-inch) high-end version has significantly improved performance. In the test of the GeekBench running library this morning, the new MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i9 processor (clock frequency 2.4GHz) scored 5,879 points and the multi-core score was 29,184 points.

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The 2018 top with the MacBookPro has a single-core score of 5,348 points and a multi-core score of 22,620. It can be seen that the 2019 MacBook Pro has increased by about 10% in the single-core run and by 29% in the multi-core. Apple said that the MacBook Pro is now twice as fast as the 4-core MacBook Pro and up to 40% faster than the 6-core MacBook Pro, making it the fastest Mac laptop ever.

When Apple promoted the new MacBook Pro on the official website, it listed the performance comparison of the eight-core MacBook Pro in specific applications (based on the quad-core version):

- Adobe Photoshop CC multi-threaded optimization filter processing speed increased by 75%;

- The number of Alchemy plugins for Logic Pro X has increased by a factor of 2;

- Wolfram Mathematica's CPU benchmark performance is up to 70%;

- Pixelmator Pro based on machine learning for image repair speed up 75%;

- Autodesk Maya's Arnold rendering speed is increased by a factor of 2;

- Blackmagic Fusion Studio's scene rendering speed is increased by 2 times;

- Final Cut Pro X supports simultaneous processing of 11 4K multi-camera video streams;

- Adobe Premiere Pro CC's 4K H.264 output speed is increased by 70%.


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