$218 first lift full-screen mobile phone Realme X create leapfrog experience

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May 15, 2019, cutting-edge smart phone brand Realme today held "dare leapfrog" new conference in Beijing, China's first flagship product Realme X-Series heavy release. Realme's leap- forward application of cutting-edge technology brings a leap- forward experience to users with powerful performance and trend design. Among them, Realme X is equipped with mid-mounted camera, 48 million rear camera, VOOC flash 3.0 , and fingerprint under the screen.

Realme X

Realme X

Realme X youth version

Realme X youth version

Design level no bangs full screen + center lift visual more pure

Yan values are primary productive forces, Realme X full breakthroughs in design, the latest full-screen form brought on Realme X. On the screen, Realme X uses a 6.53 -inch FHD+ level AMOLED screen, and 19.5:9 and ultra-high 91.2% screen ratios bring a true full-screen experience. At the same time, the NTSC color gamut has reached 100% , and the display effect is delicate and accurate. The cover glass also uses the fifth generation of Gorilla Glass, which is more durable and meets consumers' expectations of the value and practicality of the mobile phone .

Another breakthrough in the design of Realme X is to launch a new generation of mid-range lifting camera on the new bangs-free full screen, which has a more pure visual experience and a better self-timer experience. The Realme X uses a new generation of mid-range lifting cameras to avoid the aberrations caused by the side placement, making the selfie more natural. front camera lifting speed Realme X requires only 0.74 seconds, and can guarantee the life of lifting 200,000times, while the surface using a sapphire glass, scratch resistance stronger, do not worry about the lifting process of a foreign body scratches camera, consumer The rest assured use of escort.

Performance is more powerful and powerful + super photo enjoys the flagship experience

As the first masterpiece of Realme to enter the domestic market, the Realme X and Realme X youth versions are equipped with the Snapdragon 710 mobile processing platform. The 10nm process technology integrates the Adreno 6- series GPUand the AIE artificial engine. The powerful performance such as the Opteron mobile processing platform means that Realme X has higher and faster processing efficiency and lower power consumption. At the same time, Realme X also joinedHyperBoost 2.0 , and its performance has improved to a higher level. Even large mobile games such as the Peace Elite and the King Glory can run smoothly. Higher frame rate and better picture quality give users a better gaming experience.

On the image level, the Realme X rear-mounted 48 million ultra-high-definition pixel Sony IMX 586 camera, with unprecedented resolution, making the camera clearer, and supports super night scene, super rejuvenation mode, so that the image is more layered, giving the picture more Strong vitality. In the night scene, Realme X also supports hand-held super night scene based on raw format. With AI technology, multi-frame synthesis and anti-shake algorithm, the super night scene mode greatly enhances the imaging level in dark light conditions, in exposure, detail, purity. There is better performance on the top. And in the same level of products only supports 120fps slow motion shooting, Realme X is the first to support 960fps/720P and 120fps/1080P slow motion video shooting. Front side, Realme X is also unambiguous, the lifting structure contains 16 million pixel camera, using IMX471 sensor, with support for AI beauty, multi-person beauty, custom beauty features, to meet young consumers for self-timer The pursuit.

Experience the more advanced screen fingerprint unlocking / VOOC flash charging 3.0 , making life easier

Although fingerprint unlocking is a common smart phone function at present, how to speed up fingerprint unlocking and improve the security of fingerprint unlocking is a problem that current smart phone brands are thinking about. Realmeequipped the two mobile phones with a new generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprints, as well as speeding up the algorithm through the DSP unlocking acceleration engine, compensating light, etc., further improving the speed of fingerprint unlocking. At the same time, it also adds AI artificial intelligence, which can dynamically analyze thousands of fingerprint feature points at the same time, determine the relevant position and trend of fingerprint points, not only speed up the fingerprint unlocking speed, but also improve the security.

For the current user, the smart phone is not only a communication tool, but also a leisure entertainment device. Many users like to play mainstream games such as the Peace Elite and the King Glory. Longer battery life and fast charging of mobile phones are the demands of the masses. The Realme X is equipped with a large capacity battery of 3765mAh (typ) and adopts VOOC flash charging 3.0 technology, which can realize the " fast return blood " function of " eat chicken charging for 5 minutes for 2 hours " . Let users no longer worry about the battery life and charging.

In the current fierce domestic mobile phone market, Realme will successfully have no bangs full screen, mid-range lifting camera, Snapdragon 710 mobile processing platform, 48 million rear camera, VOOC flash charging 3.0 , screen fingerprints and many other cutting-edge technology sets. In one place, it brings an extraordinary level of experience to users in different scenarios, and it brings new vitality to the domestic Internet mobile phone market.

Realme X and Realme X youth versions and prices

In terms of price, the two leapfrog new products are also very competitive. Realme X has 4GB+64GB \6GB+64GB \8GB+128GB\ three memory versions, and the price is $218 ( 4GB+64GB ), $232 ( 6GB+64GB ), $261 (8GB+128GB ); Realme X youth version has 4GB+64GB , 6GB+64GB , 6GB+128GB three memory versions, the price is $174 ( 4GB+64GB ), $188 ( 6GB+64GB ), $218 ( 6GB+128GB ). Success is better than the same level of products, and for the entire mobile phone industry, Realme is bound to lead the domestic mobile phone industry to a strong " leapfrog storm " through these leapfrog products .

Realme X and Realme X youth version is on pre-order in Realme official website and Jingdong, Lynx, Suning Tesco three major electricity supplier platform, and will be at 10:00 on May 20 officially on sale. In Jingdong, as the first mobile phone cooperation brand of Jingdong Xiaofang , Realme will use the new Jingdong platform new product marketing product " Jingdong Xiaofangfang " to carry out new product marketing and sales; in Tmall , Realme will be on the line of high-quality channels to meet the consumers; In Suning Tesco, Realme will create Realme X series super new product day IP , serving Realme fans.

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