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3 drawbacks of the folding screen smartphone you must know before buying

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-27 1287

With the official release of Huawei's MATE X, Samsung and Huawei's folded mobile phones have officially appeared. Many users are looking forward to such mobile phones. However, beyond expectation, these two folding mobile phones also expose some common problems, which can not be solved in a short time.

Huawei MATE X creases 

The first is the problem of creases. Whether it's Samsung Fold or Huawei MATE X, there are creases. Due to the problem of screen material, the surface of folding mobile phone is covered with a plastic panel, which will appear uneven when folding. Although this plastic has good flexibility, it does not use enough strength and hardness. After repeated folding and unfolding, there will be a crease. Although it will recover slowly in the flat state, it still affects the visual sense.

Samsung Fold creases 

Secondly, the thickness and weight of the body. Huawei MATE X has a body thickness of 11 mm, while the thickness of Samsung Fold has reached 17 mm according to foreign media.At the same time, the weight of Huawei MATE X is far more than half a kilogram, reaching about 295 grams. The weight of Samsung Fold is not marked, but the dual-screen design will certainly not be lighter than Huawei.

Huawei MATE X 11 mm body thickness 

Finally, the price is about $1942 for Samsung Fold and $2540 for Huawei MATE X. It might be nice to think of it as a geek toy. But for ordinary users, they can not afford to consumption at all, and the practicability is not high. If you want to get a better experience, it might be more practical to use the iPhone + iPad at this price.   

Huawei MATE X and Samsung Fold 

Generally speaking, folding mobile phones can only be used as "toys" for some people at the present stage. If we want to truly popularize them, we need to continue to optimize them. At the same time, it also needs to be cheaper and more practical in order to get consumers' approval. After looking at these three shortcomings, do you still consider buying folding mobile phones?


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