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360 smart doorbell review: your safety butler

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-29 854

360 smart doorbell is the latest product of 360 IOT, ts visitor identification (Ai face recognition), front door move, stay alarm, Remote videophone, ultra-clear infrared night vision, forced release alarm and other functions performed well. Let me share and experience it in terms of its appearance details, installation process, usage control and its functions.

360 smart doorbell 


Packaging box is simple and elegant. Basic information about the product is printed on the surface, like the brand name, model, appearance, function, power input, battery capacity, manufacturer name, address, and so on.

360 smart doorbell 

From the box, you can take out the ivory white 360 smart doorbell host, white signal base station, mounting base, mounting positioning sticker, USB power cord, removal hole pin, mounting screw, "product manual" and blue " Please ring the doorbell " Sticker, this is also the family portrait of 360 smart doorbell.

Appearance details

The main body of the ivory white 360 smart doorbell is designed with a home texture, oval shape, stylish and novel. Its outer casing is made of PC+ABS material, and then processed with fine and meticulous processing. The surface is smooth and round, and the overall appearance is good. Its size is 151 x 61 x 32mm, the weight of the body is 243.2g, which is bigger and heavier than ordinary doorbell.

360 smart doorbell 

The front of the 360 smart doorbell mainframe is a black piano lacquer-coated panel with a camera and doorbell button on the panel, and the camera and doorbell buttons are designed with a golden ratio.

360 smart doorbell 

The effect of the led light when someone approaches the door

360 smart doorbell

When someone rings the bell, the effect of the led light

In addition to the 2.3 -megapixel ultra-clear video sensor, the 162° large wide-angle HD optical lens, and the doorbell button that can be used to communicate visitors, the panel also has a power indicator and a light sensor on the top of the camera, and a microphone on the bottom; A ring-shaped led indicator is placed around the button (the ring light shows a blue weak breathing effect when someone approaches the door, the ring light shows a blue circle effect when someone rings the bell), and is plated between the camera and the doorbell button. 360 brand logo logo with white lettering .

360 smart doorbell host has a switch button on the bottom of the host. Press and hold for at least 5 seconds to open the 360 smart doorbell. After turning on, there will be a voice prompt "Welcome to use 360 smart doorbell". It also sets the USB charging interface, anti-violent disassembly buckle and hanging slot, and has a nameplate with the name and model number printed on the product.

A disassembly hole is provided on the upper side of the 360 smart doorbell main body, and the 360 mart doorbell can be removed from the mounting base by inserting the disassembly hole pin into the hole. On its lower side is a speaker that can receive the 360 smart doorbell app dialogue and doorbell button sound effects.

In addition to the main unit, the 360 smart doorbell is equipped with a signal base station, which combines the functions of network signal transmission, local storage and doorbell speaker in the house. The base station with pure white signal adopts the socket design of direct power supply, and its appearance is also elliptical shape, which is half the size of the host.

360 smart doorbell

In addition to the circular speaker, the front of the signal base station is also provided with a led status indicator. When waiting to connect to the network, the green light flashes; when online, the blue light is always on; when offline, the green light flashes; when upgrading, the red light is always on.

The two sides of the signal base station are respectively provided with a " antenna " which can be rotated by 180 degrees , and a circular SET button and a TF card slot are arranged on the left side (to be seen by opening the antenna). The SET button is mainly used during distribution network operation, and the TF card slot is designed to meet local storage.

360 smart doorbell 


1. Add signal base station:

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code of the 360 camera APP in the User Manual, download and install the phone, and open the 360 camera APP, use the 360 account to log in to the main page of the app, click on the “+” in the upper right corner of the main page. Add the device, select the doorbell, enter the first step of adding the signal base station: insert the signal base station into the plug, turn on the power, find the signal base station's led light flashes green, and then click the next step on the page: start configuration.

360 smart doorbell 

360 smart doorbell 

After the signal base station is added, press and hold the switch button of the 360 smart doorbell for about 5 seconds to turn on the host. After the host is successfully turned on, the prompt “Welcome to use 360 smart doorbell” will be issued. Click the "Start using" button on the app. Very close to the doorbell to install the tutorial video. In the doorbell installation tutorial video, you can see that it has two mounting methods: the upper wall is fixed (the wall can be glass, tile, latex wall paint, etc.) and the screw is fixed on the wall.

360 smart doorbell 

According to the situation at my door, I can only use the first method (adhesive on the wall) for installation. When installing, first remove the red 3M adhesive sticker at the bottom of the base, then stick the base to the smooth glass wall (the glass facade on the security door of my house), and finally hang the 360 doorbell host from top to bottom onto the base. Can be installed, very simple.

360 smart doorbell 

In addition, select and adjust the volume of the ringing and ringing the door of the room by "360 Camera .app" set to adjust, and found through experience ringing the door bell and indoor HD loud, very good.

Use experience

From the main page of the 360 smart doorbell of "360 Smart Camera APP" and the doorbell setting page, you can know that 360 smart doorbell has functions such as face recognition, front door movement, staying alarm, remote videophone, ultra clear infrared night vision, etc. Let me experience the performance of it below.

● Visitor Identification (Ai Face Recognition)

360 smart doorbell 

To use the face recognition function, first click the "Face Recognition" button on the main page of the 360 smart doorbell to enter the face recognition page. The notes on the newly appeared faces are family, friends, relatives, neighbors, property, express. Remarks and labels for takeaways, takeaways, suspects, dangerous people, strangers, others, etc., can be identified by visitors.

When the face recognition note and the check-in visitor appear again in front of the door, pressing the doorbell will push the identity of the visitor in the app or mobile phone information. As shown in the above picture, my daughter stayed in front of the door for a while, it can accurately identify my daughter is a family member, and the 360 camera. App 's 360 smart doorbell main page screenshot shows: a few minutes of family stay, in the cloud video There are cloud video videos of the family staying at the door for a few moments. During the experience, I also checked the face identity of my neighbors and other family members, and found that the face recognition accuracy was extremely high, and no recognition error occurred.

● The experience of the push and stay alert in front of the door

360 smart doorbell 

When someone passes in front of or wandering stay, it will automatically detect and timely alarm by pushing information to the owner, and 360 cameras .app of 360 shots intelligent doorbell on the main page is displayed when a fraction someone through or stay in the same time On the cloud video page, there are a few minutes of cloud video recordings that people have passed or stayed at the door, allowing the owner to watch the door in real time or afterwards. However, when someone stays for a long time, it does not sound an alarm, so that the stayer will leave immediately.

● Remote videophone experience

360 smart doorbell 

When someone presses the door of 360 doorbell doorbell button smart host, in addition to outside the doorbell rang and indoor doorbell ringing all HD has been set, it will also push through timely , "Someone rang the bell" message to the owner, or even 360 customer service will Directly notify the doorbell owner by phone and communicate remotely with the owner in the form of a remote videophone. Visual voice communication is possible when the owner presses the "answer" button on the remote videophone page . From the video, you can see that the camera is very clear, and the voice of the communication is very clear.

● Ultra-clear infrared night vision experience

360 smart doorbell 

360 smart doorbell built-in 2.3 million pixel ultra clear video sensor, 162 ° large wide-angle high-definition optical lens, so no matter the daylight, the dark night, the picture is very clear, and it also has built-in IC-CUT function, It can automatically switch or adjust the night vision mode according to the degree of change of ambient light.

● Demolished alarm experience

When someone strongly removes the 360 smart doorbell host from the base, the host will automatically issue a “recorded video alarm, please immediately send the 360 smart doorbell back to the original place” prompting the sound, warning the disassembler to immediately send the 360 smart doorbell back. above the base, now and then a loud " siren " , while information and the "360 camera .app" pushed to the owner, was forcibly evicted 360 intelligent doorbell, allow the owner to view 360 cameras .app cloud video. However, if someone removes the 360 smart doorbell host together with the mounting base, there is no alarm sound. It is expected that the manufacturer will also think of an alarm sound in this kind of demolition, so that the demolisher can stop the demolitions.


After appreciating the details of the 360 smart doorbell experience, it feels that the appearance of its mainframe or signal base station has a home texture, the color is perfectly harmonious, the overall appearance is good, and it is very integrated with modern home. And let the home's door more luxurious atmosphere. Its installation is simple and convenient, the distribution network is fast and smooth, and its visitor identification (Ai face recognition), front door move push, stay alarm, remote videophone, ultra clear infrared night vision, forced release alarm and other functions perform well. There is also a tamper-protection service and a doorbell stolen payout service. It is a modern home doorbell with both doorbell and cat's eye functions. It can be a 24-hour home care home.

However, during the experience, it was found that there are still some shortcomings that need to be perfected: 1. When the person stays for a long time, the doorbell does not sound an alarm; 2. When the 360 smart doorbell host is removed together with the mounting base, no alarm sounds.

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