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In the mobile phone industry in the rapid development of the past few years, thousand Yuan machine has been the largest shipment of a market segment. From the birth of the first red rice mobile phone, thousand yuan machine market is full of smoke, thousand yuan machine is not only the biggest price of mobile phone manufacturers shipments, but also has been the most competitive price, and even a bit of who take the Thousand Yuan machine market can take the meaning of the world, but also because of such fierce competition, Prompted mobile phone manufacturers to release a lot of highly competitive thousand Yuan machine.

Honor Play

Honor play this phone in the last year's appearance, with Kirin 970 6GB GPU Turbo Technology stunning a lot of consumers. This glorious play with Kirin 970 processor, is also a small part of the proposal of a thousand yuan machine, in the performance, Kirin 970 performance will not let you greatly disappointed, whether you eat chicken or the king with you how. In addition, the battery capacity of Honor play is not small, 3750 Ma is enough to meet the needs of most users. In general, Honor play is a non-performance price is not high of the Thousand Yuan machine, the current price of the machine has been reduced to 1499 yuan stalls.

Huawei Honor 8X

The second thousand Yuan machine is Huawei Honor 8X, which is the earliest of Huawei's generation of thousand Yuan machines, but also the most enduring best-selling. Honor 8X is Gaoping's share of the small bangs design, after 20 million AI double, this phone compared to the previous Honor 20i is characterized by a lower starting price (4 64GB1299 yuan), has a larger battery, there is 3750mAH.

Huawei Honor 8X

Meizu 16X

In terms of value for money, Meizu mobile phones have always been invincible, with the determination to carry out the value for money to the end. Meizu 16X is equipped with a better performance Valiant Dragon 710 than the current newly released Meizu note9. In the photo performance, Meizu 16X also achieved the top in the Thousand Yuan machine, the rear 120.02 billion AI double camera, suitable for the combination of IMX380 IMX350, and support optical stabilization technology. Meizu 16X also does not spit the larger Liu Hai, but the use of 6-inch Samsung AMOLED full screen design, 6 64GB version is currently priced at 1699 yuan.

Samsung A60

In the current thousand yuan market, the most common screen design is the water drop screen and last year's popular Liu Hai screen, I believe many people are also a little tired. The appearance of Samsung A60 is really eye-catching. Although it is not the first time to see the unique perforated screen, it is the first one in the thousand yuan machine. The machine has a high proportion of screens, and the feel is very good. In addition, Samsung A60 is equipped with the Mulong 675 processor, which is also the hotspot of this year, with excellent performance and excellent power control. In addition to these, Samsung A60 has provided you with more technical screen audible technology, more practical multi-function NFC, and 32 million camera configuration. All aspects are very powerful, and it's not too much to score a full score.

Netizen Comment: Cost-effective, did not expect Samsung also out I can accept the price of practical mobile phone, full screen is very beautiful, before the non-full screen can not see, although not OLED screen, but the display effect is also very stunning, camera hollowed position does not affect the use of the screen sound is also very good, the first time with this black technology. This price mobile phone can also use Samsung Pay. The screen seems to be directly with the film, but also with the original transparent silicone sleeve, the original set of texture is really good, than those third parties do a lot better, this time Samsung really heart.

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