400 ultimate games in one game console that you would die for

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A hundred miles, another hundred miles away... Holidays are exciting, but waiting is killing me! Don’t you think so on a journey?


We always wait impatiently for the airplane, train, subway, bus, ship; or queue in a line to have some local specialties... Be it long or short, the waiting time makes you bored, restless, unhappy. What is the best way to kill time?


Phub aimlessly, and you’ll feel these hours even longer. You’ve already finished reading a pocket book, and would like no more... The battery of your phone dies rapidly if you play video games, besides, there are not always good signals wherever the vehicle is. What’s worse, you’ve forgot to charge the power bank before departure. Here is the magic we’ve found to turn any long waiting time irresistibly fun. Now, you’re offered 400 retro games that you couldn’t stop playing in the childhood.

Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console

400 Classic Games

Reasons for recommendation:

1. 400 classic games that you loved to play in the childhood, such as Super Mario and Contra

2. 6 hours gameplay, 50 hours ultra long standby time, with a built-in 800mAh LiPo battery on a full charge

3.Integrated AV out to be connected to TV

4. 2.8 inch color display, eye-friendly, ideal for hours and hours of fun

5.Specially designed gritty surface to avoid slipping way in case your hands sweat a lot in such hot weather

6.The best gift for any peers, or kids on Children’s Day


Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console - Blue

Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console - Blue


Just turn it on, enter the menu, and 400 retro games will offer you great fun that can last through the next year and beyond.

400 Classic Games game console 

Just turn it on, you can enter the menu. 400 retro games will offer you great fun that can last through the next year and beyond.

400 retro games 

Do you remember the excitement? When you were a little kid, you rushed home like dash the moment school was over, and quickly joined in games with several friends who were equally crazy about Super Mario, Contra, Sokoban...

400 retro games 

All of the games are familiar, and there are different difficulty levels to choose from. Now, you can challenge yourself again, try to pass those levels that you weren’t able to pass at a young age...

Additionally, Gocomma game console is just like that of FC whose game process can’t be saved, so you’ll feel it impossible to stop till you pass all levels.

400 retro games 

Moreover, an AV cable is giveaway to connect the classic game console to the TV in the hotel or at home. Enjoy the same experience as you held a handle to play games in front of the TV.

Playing games on such a big screen is also one typical experience in the childhood. Never miss it again!

Playing games  

Though unlike the advanced handheld game consoles which come out in recent years, its color screen is large, clear enough and eye-friendly.

clear enough screen  

It is the retro colors that make you feel reminiscent of the childhood.

Powered by 800mAh battery, it can offer you with 6 hours of fun and be fully charged quickly by using any power bank. A micro USB cable comes with it as a giveaway.

800mAh battery 

The game console is in the same size of other handheld consoles, even a little boy can hold it easily in a single hand. Look, how portable and cool it is!

portable and cool 

The classic game console uses the high-quality LiPo battery cell and fire-retardant ABS material. The entire device feels comfortable whose case is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and anti-drop.

scratch-resistant and anti-drop 

Everything about it is so familiar, from visual, tactile and acoustic experience. Without a doubt, the game console will be a great gift and big surprise for your friends.

400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console 

Pocket-sized, it allows you to play at any time. You can also give kids an opportunity to experience our childhood. The games will help to develop intelligence and arouse their interests.

400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console 

There are more long journeys in the future, right? At least, you will not be bored anymore as long as you have it.

Product Specs

Name: Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Dimension: 11.5 x 8 x 2cm

Net weight: 112g

Input: 5V 1A via micro USB

Material: ABS


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