5 advanced features Snapdragon 855 will bring to the Android smartphones of 2019

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5G is an indispensable topic, but for Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip, 5G is not the whole. It is expected that the Snapdragon 855 chip will be applied to some high-end Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7, Google Pixel 4, etc.

Snapdragon 855

But not all of these features will be available on every Android flagship phone in 2019. Each phone manufacturer may decide to include some part of the features of Snapdragon 855 in the phone, but it gives the phone manufacturer the opportunity to provide these functions in the phone.

Here are some of the best features that users may get from the next generation Android flagship smartphones with Snapdragon 855 chip.  

5G network access

First of all, it is stated that the user's access to 5G network depends initially on the area where he lives and which mobile operator they choose, but 5G will come with the arrival of Snapdragon 855 chip.

We know that Oneplus will launch its first 5G mobile phone in Europe, and Samsung has confirmed that it plans to launch a 5G mobile phone next year. Any mobile phones carrying Snapdragon 855 will be able to access 5G network, but not every mobile phone will have this function.

So what is 5G? It's a much faster Internet connection, and the speed of the Internet has increased more than from 3G to 4G. It's a slow process for global networks and operators to adopt 5G, but it's a necessary step for mobile phones to use ultra-fast mobile Internet connections.

Better in-display fingerprint sensor

Do you have a smartphone with the in-display fingerprint sensor? If the finger is wet or slightly greasy, you will find that the fingerprint sensor can not work properly. Qualcomm hopes that a new generation of in-display fingerprint sensor can solve this problem.

in-display fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm's new 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor has higher accuracy and can scan users'fingerprints through water and various liquids.

It is expected to solve the embarrassment of users trying to unlock their phones in the rain, and it will also promote the unlock speed.

Longer video playing time

The new energy-saving mode in Snapdragon 855 can reduce the energy consumption when mobile phones play video. Qualcomm calls this function Cinema Experience. As this function make the video playing on the smartphone consumes less energy, so you will enjoy a longer waching time.   

function Cinema Experience

Alexa and Google Assistant are available simultaneously

The Snapdragon 855 supports two different voice assistant wake-up commands, which means that mobile phone manufacturers may decide to support two different voice assistants at the same time.

Alexa and Google Assistant

In the past, some mobile phones have supported two different voice assistants at the same time, but it is quite troublesome for users to really use them, because users have to download independent applications and set them up by themselves.

Snapdragon 855 supports some voice assistants like Google, Alexa, Microsoft and Baidu, which means that it is unlikely to partner with Samsung Bixby voice assistants even if it is used in Samsung mobile phones.

Video-oriented background blur function

Last but not least, it's the big improvement in cameras. The background blur function or the portrait mode is a very popular feature on the smartphones. Almost every flagship smartphone supports this feature, but it will be greatly improved in 2019.

The Snapdragon 855 chip adopts Computer Vision ISP (Image Signal Processor), which can achieve background blur mode of 4K HDR video by virtue of the AI.

4K HDR video by virtue of the AI

It can blur out the background of the picture in real time, enabling users to focus on the foreground of the video and photos. We saw a demonstration of this function at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, and it seemed incredibly good.

Whether this function works as well as taking photos with the blurring background remains to be seen, but it is indeed an innovative way to shoot videos, enabling users to shoot videos with excellent special effects on their mobile phones.


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