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5G Pioneer: OPPO 5G prototype phone appeared at China Mobile Global Conference

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-03 2380

On November 26, 2018, OPPO's official microblog released a poster that revealed that OPPO will participate in the 6th China Mobile Global Partnership Conference, which will be held in Guangzhou from December 6 to 8. The advertising language on the poster implies that OPPO will continue to lead the 5G era, seizing the first technological opportunity.

At this conference, OPPO will not only display the latest smartphone products, but also show the 5G prototype based on Find X to consumers worldwide for the first time. Unlike most current 5G prototypes which only support n78 single band, OPPO 5G prototype is the first to support three bands: n41, n78 and n79.

 the 5G prototype based on Find X

In the process of 5G mobile phone research and development, OPPO has always been in the forefront of the industry, occupying the technological highland and achieving a number of "first".

In August this year, OPPO became the first terminal manufacturer to successfully connect 5G signals with data links based on commercially available mobile phones. In October, OPPO, based on a complete and commercially available mobile phone, fully integrated 5G proprietary components such as motherboard, radio frequency, radio frequency front-end and antenna. It once again took the lead in realizing 5G Internet access.

fully integrated 5G proprietary components 

In addition, OPPO has already started exploring 5G applications. In May this year, OPPO has realized the first 5G 3D video call demonstration using structured light technology in the world, and put forward the concept of ubiquitous reality.

OPPO has set up a 5G communication standard team very early, actively participated in the formulation of the 5G standard of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 3GPP, and submitted more than 1500 technical manuscripts. It is one of the largest and most influential terminal manufacturers in 3GPP. At present, OPPO has become a member of China Mobile's "5G Terminal Pioneer" plan, and also a member of Qualcomm's "5G Pioneer" plan.

OPPO will be the first or even the first terminal manufacturer to launch 5G commercial mobile phones in 2019. The show of OPPO 5G prototype based on Find X at this China Mobile conference will be another breakthrough in the process of 5G development.


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