5G-Smartphones With these smartphones you can get mobile Internet fast in 2019

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In a little while, we will be completely immersed in telephones with 5G internet. This faster form of mobile internet is being fully developed by providers and other parties involved. The first 5G smartphones will be released in 2019. What will you gain from a 5G network and which devices will support it?


5G telephones in 2019: we expect these models

The first smartphones with 5G support will be released in 2019. Many manufacturers are working hard on such devices behind the scenes. Most 5G telephones coming out this year run on a Snapdragon 855 chip from Qualcomm. The processor manufacturer is the main supplier of brands such as OnePlus, Sony, HTC, LG and Google.


According to Qualcomm, thirty devices with a 5G chip will be released this year. These are mainly smartphones. Although the company does not mention names, we know from a number of telephone brands that they are almost ready to launch 5G telephones.

Xiaomi kicks off with his 5G phone

Xiaomi announced the first 5G smartphone in October. This special version of the Mi Mix 3 will probably appear somewhere in Europe in the coming weeks. However, it is not yet clear whether the telephone will arrive in the Netherlands and, if so, what it will cost. Samsung is also working on a 5G device. It is probably a more expensive version of the upcoming Galaxy S10 (see the picture below). There is also another Samsung smartphone with 5G on the way. Reportedly, the phones use a 5G modem developed by Samsung itself. The announcement of both phones is expected on February 20.


The MWC starts a few days later. That is the large telecom trade fair that takes place once a year in Barcelona. According to rumors, Huawei and LG seize the event to unveil their first 5G phones. Honor, a subsidiary brand of Huawei, will probably soon be launching its first 5G device. In a recent conversation with our sister site AndroidPlanet, Honor CEO Michael Pan did not say when this 5G smartphone will be released. He also did not say whether it will appear in the Netherlands.

iPhone with 5G

Apple is also secretly working on equipping its iPhone with 5G support. When we can expect the first iPhone with 5G, however, is still a mystery. Most rumors indicate a release in 2020. However, a new leak claims that an iPhone 2019 with faster WiFi and 5G support will be announced in September.

What can you do with 5G telephones?

You can see 5G as the successor to 4G. It is a wireless technology that makes wireless internet possible. Small-scale 5G networks are already active in various countries, including South Korea, Japan and the United States. In the Netherlands, providers also test with 5G. However, there are no networks here yet. This is because the required 5G frequency auction has yet to take place. the government says that the auction will be held later in the year or in the first half of 2020. Nevertheless, manufacturers are already responding to this development with special 5G telephones.


Only after the auction can providers complete their 5G networks and offer 5G. If you want to take advantage of 5G by that time, you need a suitable smartphone. The new 5G network must guarantee higher upload and download speeds. Your mobile internet connection is therefore many times faster. Moreover, the network has a higher bandwidth. This means you also have good reach at busy locations.

These business applications are for 5G

Great for you as a consumer, but 5G is especially interesting for business. The mobile network is - unlike 4G - namely suitable for new applications that require a very good internet connection. Consider driving self-driving cars or controlling larger drones remotely. It is also possible to manage huge numbers of smart devices that are connected to the Internet Of Things (IoT).

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