6 tips for cleaning and maintaining your smartphone

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Regular cleaning of smartphone surfaces can not only reduce the risk of pathogen transmission, it also ensures a clean and clear display. The Bitkom provides useful tips for cleaning and maintaining smartphones.

Only one in four mobile phone owners in Germany (27 percent) consciously and intensively cleans the surface of their mobile phone device, according to a recent survey by Bitkom. Almost half (49 percent) clean it only occasionally and fleetingly, for example by wiping their clothes. "Mobile phones can transmit germs, and it makes sense to clean displays and keyboards regularly, especially during the cold season," says Bitkom expert Bernd Klusmann. In addition, the touch screen would otherwise lose its cleanliness. "Sweat and grease are deposited in tiny scratches that occur even when the mobile phones are operated properly," reports Klusmann.


When cleaning the cell phone or smartphone, however, care should be taken to use the right tools. The expert gives six simple cleaning tips:

▪ No harsh cleaning agents: Harsh cleaning agents are not suitable for cleaning the surface of a touch screen. Alcohols, detergents and soap suds can damage the grease-repellent surface of the devices in the long term and thus impair their operability. Electronic devices should never come into contact with water: moisture can corrode electronic circuits and damage a mobile phone.

▪ Disinfection protects against germs and fungi: Alcohol attacks the fat-repellent surface of mobile phones and should be used as rarely as possible. Special hygiene sprays with a germ-killing, antibacterial effect are more suitable. Sprays for disinfecting are available from around 2 euros, for example in drugstores, specialist shops or pharmacies.

▪ Clean the touch screen dry: Cleaning cloths for monitors and other electronic devices are also suitable for everyday care of the telephone. These cloths are available from specialist retailers, for example. If necessary, eyeglass cleaning cloths made of microfibre can also be used. Microfibre absorbs grease even when dry. When dry cleaning, however, you should make sure that there are no coarse particles on the touch screen, as they can leave scratches when rubbed.

▪ Avoid soiling: The best protection against dirty mobile phone surfaces is to avoid soiling. The largest source of dirt and bacteria are meals taken during a call. Remaining food residues favour the growth of germs. Scientists have also discovered traces of hand creams and make-up as a breeding ground for germs. In addition, the telephone should not be used in toilets or public washrooms. There are many pathogens in the air. The same applies to dusty or dirty environments.

▪ Protective display films protect against scratches: If you want to keep your touchscreen as good as new, you should put on a professional protective display film after purchasing it. It is hardly recognizable, sticks without glue and protects the mobile phone like the wrapping film on a book. The film prevents the surface from being scratched and reduces the possibility of germs being deposited.

▪ Wash hands regularly: The germ load itself does not have to lead to illnesses. Regular, intensive hand washing is the best protection against colds, flu and other diseases.

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