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8 highlights of Huawei Mate X: 5G network, folding screen, super fast charge and more

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-26 2329

On February 24, Huawei officially released its first 5G folding screen mobile phone, Huawei Mate X, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019). After the conference, Huawei revealed the eight highlights of Huawei Mate X from the aspects of appearance, 5G, user experience and so on. It will give you a quick understanding of this Huawei’s first 5G folding screen mobile phone.


Huawei Mate X


1. Falcon wing folding design

Huawei Mate X has chosen a flexible folding scheme based on the flexible screen. It has four layers of structure design. The top layer is the screen protection layer of polymer material, the second layer is the flexible screen, the third layer is the soft support film, and the bottom layer is the rotating shaft. The falcon wing external folding scheme adopts the innovative rotary shaft to achieve seamless folding and 0-180 degrees free folding.

2. 5.4mm unilateral thickness body

Huawei Mate X follows the user's usage habits. The screen to body ratio reaches up to 19.5:9 in folding state. In unfolding state, the screen to body ratio of Mate X is 8:7.1. The visual effect of large screen in tablet form is more shocking. The single side thickness of Huawei Mate X body is only 5.4 mm in unfolded state, while the body thickness is only 11 mm in folding state, which still keeps a good grip.

3. 4.6Gpbs download speed

Huawei Mate X carries Huawei's strongest 5G multi-mode terminal chips - 7nm Balong 5000 and Kirin 980. The theoretical peak of the download speed can reach  4.6Gbps, which is much ahead of the industry level. It can download a 1G video in 3 seconds at the fastest speed.

4. Support both NSA and SA network

The 5G architecture includes NSA (Not-Standalone network) and SA (Standalone network). The NSA is the first stage of the 5G network, and it is also regarded as the  transition of 5G network. The SA is the second stage, and it is also the final firm of 5G network. The Huawei Mate X with Ballon 5000 supports both NSA and SA network form, so you don’t need to change your smartphone even when the operators switch to the SA network.   

Huawei Mate X supports both NSA and SA network

5. Better privacy and security for 5G smartphones

For 5G smartphones, user identity information will be sent in encrypted form, which can guard against attacks and prevent identity from being duplicated. 5G has supported the integrity protection mechanism of user surface to prevent attackers from tampering with user's communication content.

Better privacy and security for 5G smartphones

6. Brand new interaction pattern

Huawei Mate X's super-large screen can be divided into two parts. It can achieve multi-task cooperative operation while you are browsing on the split screen. Thanks to the dual-screen multi-task interaction, you can directly drag pictures or text to mail attachments, which is very fast and convenient. Besides, you can watch videos and chat at the same time.

the brand new interaction pattern on Huawei Mate X

7. Dual screen real-time preview during shooting

Huawei Mate X's rear camera can be used as a front camera, providing a new selfie mode. For example, when you take a picture for your girlfriend, she can see herself from the sub-screen and can press the shutter to capture the wonderful moment. 

the dual screen real time preview function on Huawei Mate X

8. 55W super fast charging

Following the 40W Super Charge, Huawei introduced the 55W Super Charge Super Charge, which can charge the phone from 0% to 85% in 30 minutes. Huawei Mate X has two built-in batteries with a large capacity of up to 4500 mAh, which makes it easy for users to use for a whole day. At the same time, it ensures the extreme lightness and excellent grip experience of the whole phone.

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