A sports car was the inspiration for the MSI GT76 Titan Gaming laptop design

ByIngrid Wilhelmina 2019-05-27 620

MSI had a clear target for the fastest gaming laptop in the upcoming lineup. Not just the technology should be as fast as a sports car, but also the design has to reflect the ultimate goal. And so the aerodynamic design of an exotic racing car can be found in many a design element of the GT76 Titan Gaming laptop.


The marketing team from MSI kindly shared their style guide for the upcoming Taiwanese gaming monster, the previous year's GT75 successor, which leaked some pictures a few days ago, and now officially has an overclockable core 9th generation i9 desktop processor and Nvidia Geforce GTX 2080 GPU has been confirmed.

Not only the internal structure is of the very finest, even the first encounter with the design sprays speed through each slot of the rear fan slots. Without being overly pretentious, the aerodynamic design, which slims down towards the front, is reminiscent of fast sports cars, and that's exactly what the designers used in the course of the development.

The prominently placed carbon fiber fan slots on the back are reminiscent of the taillights of a rapidly passing sports car - both gaming laptops and sporty pedals are all about performance, speed and a decent dose of design. Compared to its predecessor, the chassis was trimmed to minimum height while significantly increasing air flow. Together with the new "Cooler Boost" cooling and a metal mesh at the base desktop CPU and high performance GPU cool for long-lasting action.

Similar to Ferrari and Aston Martin, the MSI Dragon Shield also stands prominently on the new GT76 Titan. The 16.8 million maximum possible color combinations of the RGB keyboard lighting continue on the front, providing atmospheric ambient lighting. Design is one thing, pure performance is the other - next week we should learn more about the latter, the Computex opens its doors shortly.

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