AirPods Pro VS AirPods: What are the differences?

ByJoe Horner 2019-10-29 3134

AirPods Pro has been officially released, and the new in-ear design is accompanied by a long-awaited noise reduction feature, priced at 1999 RMB. There is a price difference of nearly 500 RMB with AirPods 2. So, AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2, what are the differences between them?

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

AirPods Pro VS AirPods: Outlook Compare

The most obvious change in AirPods Pro compared with AirPods 2 is the new in-ear design, which follows Apple's usual simple white design, but the length is slightly shorter than that of AirPods 2 (30.9mm < 40.5mm). On the other hand, the weight (5.4g > 4G) and width (21.8mm > 16.5mm) were larger than those of AirPods 2.


In addition, the AirPods Pro charging box has become more "flat", but the overall volume is still "slimmer" than other in-ear noise reduction headphones on the market.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

In order to make the in-ear AirPods Pro more comfortable to wear, the AirPods Pro can choose 3 different sizes of silicone earplugs to fit the size of the ear cavity, and can also balance the pressure inside and outside the ear cavity with the help of the built-in "ventilation system." These inner tapered earplugs will fit your ear shape so that the AirPods Pro can always be firmly worn in your ear. Coupled with the ventilation system to help balance the pressure, you will have a feeling that you do not wear it.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

In contrast, the semi-open design of AirPods 2 can avoid the "ear swelling" caused by headphones, but it also makes it unable to fully adapt to everyone's ears.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

AirPods Pro VS AirPods: Sound Quality Compare

In addition, the semi-open design is difficult to achieve good enough noise reduction effect in the absence of passive physical noise reduction, which is one of the important reasons why the poor sound insulation effect is often mentioned on the first / second generation AirPods.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 


And we finally see the noise reduction function on the in-ear design of AirPods Pro is also a natural thing. In addition to the physical noise reduction brought about by the ear-in design, AirPods Pro also has the function of active noise reduction, which can be continuously adjusted according to the geometric structure of the ear and the fitting degree of the earplugs to block the external noise.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

An extroverted microphone detects external sound waves and then cancels them out with the same anti-noise sound waves, while an introverted microphone detects whether there are excess sound waves in your ear, and then cancels them out with the same anti-noise sound waves.


In addition to noise reduction, the audio capability of AirPods Pro has also been improved, with a custom high-amplitude, low-distortion speaker drive unit, AirPods Pro to achieve a strong bass, while an inward microphone can help adjust intermediate and low frequency parts. Optimize audio output. The amplifier pushes the speaker drive unit to eliminate background noise and works with the Apple H1 chip to control the sound level. By expanding the mesh sound hole of the microphone, the clarity of the call in the windy environment is also improved.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods: Touch Command Compare

And like other noise reduction headphones on the market, AirPods Pro also supports mode switching, which can be switched between "noise reduction mode" and "transparent mode". The latter can temporarily turn off the noise reduction function of the headphones, allowing the sound of the outside world to enter the headphones, making it more natural for you to talk to the people around you. The interaction between the AirPods Pro and the first / second generation AirPods is transferred from the headset body to the force sensor on the headset handle and supports more gesture control.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

For example, click play / pause or answer the phone, press twice to jump to the next track, press three times to jump to the previous track, and long press to switch between active noise reduction and transparent mode.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods: Battery Life Compare

Noise reduction also means more power consumption. Compared with AirPods and AirPods 2, the listening time of a single charge of the AirPods Pro is only 4.5 hours, slightly lower than that of the previous generation of 5 hours. However, with the charging box, you can still achieve 24 hours of listening time and charging 5 minutes to increase the listening time of 1 hour.


AirPods Pro VS AirPods 

In addition, AirPods Pro reaches the IPX4 anti-perspiration and water resistance grade, which can ensure the durability of exercise and daily use. While the AirPods 2 did not meet any water and sweat resistance certification.


Finally, we briefly sort out all the similarities and differences between AirPods Pro and AirPods.


AirPods Pro VS AirPods



1. Using H1 chip to support "Hey, Siri" function
2. Support to take off the pause, put on the playback function
3. The charging box supports wireless charging

1. AirPods Pro adopts a new in-ear design
2. AirPods Pro supports active noise reduction
3. AirPods Pro has better sound quality performance
4. AirPods Pro supports IPX4 level anti-perspiration and water resistance
5. AirPods Pro supports more gesture control
6. AirPods Pro life is slightly weaker than the second generation AirPods
7. AirPods Pro comes with a lightning to USB-C connection line
8. AirPods supports iPhone 5S (2013) after, AirPods Pro supports iPhone 6s (2015)


Christmas 2019 is coming. I hope this post will help you choose Christmas presents!

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