Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: which one fits you better?

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Everyone knows Xiaomi Mi Band 2, but might not know Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband - a new coming but also very welcome smartwatch. Now, let's see which one fits you better by comparison.

Both Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband are practical and smart watch bracelets. They can help keep track of your heart rate, evaluate your workout performance, track your activity throughout the day — and more. However, they have some differences in details worth taking a closer look for us.     

Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband VS. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: design

There are quite a few differences in the design of the two models but it basically comes down to this: the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is perfect for those who value a minimalist look, while those who are looking for some color and bling would love the Alfawise S9.

Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband VS. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: design 

The first difference you'll spot is the screen size. The Alfawise S9 comes with a 0.96 inch display while Xiaomi Mi Band's display is half that – 0.46 inch.

The Mi Band 2 will also display your information in classically modest black and white, while the Alfawise S9 will shine in all the colors of the rainbow with a larger font and colorful icons. It can also be argued that this type of display is better suited for a fitness gadget: bright colors tend to motivate more and will be helpful in pushing yourself a tad harder during a workout.

Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband VS. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: features and performance

Both wristbands have been designed with active lifestylers in mind and come with all the features necessary for keeping up with your fitness goals and monitoring your health.

Both smart wristbands feature a heart rate monitor, an indispensable feature for any health and fitness tracker. With a heart rate monitor, you will be able to keep an eye on your heart beat and see how your heart reacts to different types of exercise.

heart rate monitor of  Xiaomi Mi Band 2heart rate monitor of Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband

With both smart bracelets you will also get a sleep monitor and a pedometer. A sleep monitor helps you analyze how well you rest at night and a pedometer is there to track your activity throughout the day. Together, they ensure you get enough movement during the day and have enough time to recharge at night.

sleep monitor of Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband 

pedometer on Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Both smart bands are not all about sports as well. You will get timely notifications of incoming calls and messages right on your wrist — so don't worry about missing out on important updates and calls when you can't use your phone.

timely notifications of incoming calls and messages on Xioami Mi Band 2

Both fitness bands come with dedicated apps. As you would expect, with Mi Band 2 you will need to download the MI FIT app with its clear intuitive interface. The  Alfawise S9 also has its own application for easy fitness management: JYOU.

Now, let's get into the differences.

The Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband comes with a blood pressure monitor and blood oxygen monitor. Both of these provide the wearer with a deeper understanding of their physical wellbeing and help make more informed decisions: in fitness, lifestyle, etc.

The band is also very easy to charge thanks to the plug-in USB design: all you will need to do is remove the display part from the bracelet and plug it directly into your laptop or PC. These two features may make the band a more appealing option — but don't be too quick to judge.

easy to charge on Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband

Another feature you would probably really want to have in a fitness bracelet is protection from the elements. Mi Band 2 offers you just that with reliable IP67 protection against water (protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth) and dust (protected from total dust ingress): so you will not need to worry about getting your watch damaged in wet weather or accidentally dropping it in dirt — simply use anywhere, anytime.

reliable IP67 protection against water and dust on Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Another cool thing about Mi Band 2 is how well it works with your phone. Every Mi band comes with a unique ID — when you are wearing it, your phone will unlock automatically (provided, of course, that the band is close enough).

Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband VS. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: price

While price is often a deciding factor when making a purchasing decision, in the case of these two, it will not be of big help. The Alfawise S9 Smart Wristband is $20.81 while the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can be yours for $28.31.  With less than a $8 difference, it all comes down to personal preference. Looking for a recognized brand, a reliable protection from the elements and don't mind the minimalist look? Go for the Mi Band 2. Want to experiment with design and like a bright display? Then you will truly appreciate the Alfawise S9.

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