Amazfit Ares Hands-on Review: Best Outdoor Sports Assistant with Low Budget

ByJoe Horner 2020-05-19 8496

Compared with indoor sports, outdoor sports put forward higher requirements for smartwatches, durable, waterproof, easy to operate, and see clearly are the basic requirements, not every product can match the outdoor sports scene. Today's Xiaomi Amazfit Ares is an outdoor smartwatch for the outdoor sports enthusiasts, and then let's see if the Amazfit Ares smartwatch can meet the stringent requirements of outdoor sports scenes.

Amazfit Ares Outlook Design

The packing box of the Xiaomi Amazfit Ares smartwatch retains the usual low-key style of the Amazfit series, but its "domineering" appearance is displayed when it is unpacked. Amazfit Ares has rock black and army green two kinds of color matching, no matter the front bezel or the side button position uses the angular polygon design, the overall line is strong and dynamic, coupled with the two-color molding process of the fuselage, the overall design is very strong, very consistent with its outdoor sports temperament.

Like the previously released Amazfit Stratos 3, the Amazfit Ares smartwatch has a large number of physical buttons. Amazfit Ares smartwatch has three buttons on the right (page up, page down, select) and a button on the left (back). Even when the touch screen is not easy to operate (with gloves, liquid on the surface, etc.), most of the operations can be done with these four buttons, which is very important for outdoor sports watch.


The Xiaomi Amazfit Ares strap is made of soft silicone, which is very comfortable to wear and can calmly face the outdoor challenges. The strap and buckle are still designed with polygons, and the overall texture is very excellent. Unfortunately, the watch strap is not a general quick-release buckle, so it is impossible to replace the watch strap by yourself.


As a professional outdoor smartwatch, the reflective screen is not absent. Amazfit Ares equipped with 1.28inch square reflective color screen, it can better balance the display effect and power consumption, the stronger the light, the clearer the display, which is very suitable for use in outdoor sports scenes.


From the side of the watch, you can see that the bezel of the Amazfit Ares is obviously higher than the watch mirror, this design is similar to the professional outdoor watches such as Casio G-SHOCK and PROTREK, plus the Corning gorilla glass + AF coating of the mirror, the protection measures are in place. In addition, the waterproof capacity of the Amazfit Ares watch is also very good. Due to the two-color forming process of the fuselage, the sealing degree of the watch body is very high, and it can successfully pass the 5ATM waterproof test so that this Amazfit Ares watch has very good durability and can calmly cope with all kinds of harsh environment.


The back of the watch contains a sensor in the center and a charging contact on the left, which needs to be recharged with an original magnetic charger.


Amazfit Ares Using Experience

From the "tough" appearance of Amazfit Ares, we can already see its outdoor sports positioning. However, in order to meet the monitoring needs of outdoor sports, what is more, important is the inherent function, and the rich workout modes and monitoring data types are its core competitiveness.


The built-in algorithm of the Xiaomi Amazfit Ares watch is the authoritative FIRSTBEAT algorithm selected by many professional sports teams, which can monitor and record 40 key sports indicators such as heart rate, speed, and altitude during exercise, and provide a number of professional data, including maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), training effect (TE), training load (TL), recovery time, according to the user's exercise rule.


The rich exercise monitoring mode is one of the biggest highlights of Amazfit Ares. Unlike ordinary smartwatches, which only support more than a dozen ordinary sports modes, this smartwatch supports up to 70 sports modes. At present, mainstream sports are covered and can fully meet the needs of all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports.


Amazfit Ares supports the following 70 sports modes:

Ballet, cricket, baseball, bowling, squash, curling, snowboarding, hunting, belly dancing, mountaineering, fishing, square dancing, high-intensity interval training, open water swimming, alpine skiing, core training, outdoor hiking, outdoor biking, outdoor skating, outdoor running, skating, skiing, mixed aerobics, fencing, archery, hip-hop, ballroom dancing, walking, karate, paddle surfing, roller skating, basketball, softball, Strength training, stretching, gateball, equestrian sports, volleyball, rock climbing, table tennis, climbing machine, Pilates, boxing, judo, flexibility training, indoor cycling, indoor skating, indoor running, indoor fitness, mountain biking, handball, wrestling, snowboarding, stepper, stepping training, tai chi, gymnastics, Thai boxing, taekwondo, elliptical machine, dance, martial arts, bicycle, yoga, badminton, cross-country skiing, cross-country running, Zumba, free training.


Of course, in addition to being able to view various movement data and records on the Xiaomi Amazfit Ares watch, the mobile Amazfit APP used together can view richer motion monitoring data and have a more accurate and comprehensive grasp of your movement status.


In order to ensure the accuracy of the sports data, the Amazfit Ares watch uses the BioTracker PPG biological tracking optical sensor developed by Huami, which can accurately monitor the user's heart rate and understand the exercise state during exercise. In addition, Amazfit Ares can also turn on functions such as 24-hour daily monitoring and auxiliary monitoring of sleep quality, as well as health reminders such as sedentary reminders to help users develop healthy habits.


As an outdoor sports watch, the role of the positioning function is also very important. Amazfit Ares adopts GPS+GLONASS double-star positioning system, which can accurately record the track of running or cycling on Amazfit Ares, together with a built-in barometer so that the watch can monitor altitude and other information in real-time, helping athletes to better grasp their own dynamics and achieve better sports performance in the process of outdoor sports.


Amazfit Ares also has a built-in Huami-PAI health assessment system for Huami's recent hot products, which is based on the high-precision monitoring data monitored by Huami's self-developed sensors, combined with a multi-dimensional dynamic comprehensive evaluation of daily activity intensity and personal physiological data, and converts these data into intuitive and easy-to-read PAI values. Because the PAI health value does not depend on individual data, it can reflect your health status more intuitively and comprehensively than individual data such as step number and heart rate. As long as you can persevere, you can get more PAI values, which also means that users can get better health through this system.


Last but not least, Amazfit Ares's performance in terms of battery life is also good enough.

●It can be used normally for 14 days when all-weather heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring are turned on, push messages are received normally, and GPS is turned on for more than 90 minutes a week for exercise.

●The basic watch mode in the full default setting can even provide a battery life of up to 90 days.

●It can also be used continuously for 23 hours with GPS tracking turned on throughout the day, allowing you to deal with the challenges of outdoor sports calmly.


Summary: A Good Helper in Outdoor Sports

As a smartwatch focused on outdoor sports, Amazfit Ares has a good performance in design, screen, workmanship, exercise and health monitoring, GPS positioning, and battery life, which can easily meet the needs of outdoor sports scenes. The professional sports function also makes it have a richer use scene, and the price of 499 yuan is also very attractive, which is very suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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