AMD Radeon Navi: specs, price and release date leaked

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It's nothing new that AMD is preparing two high-end releases, in the form of Ryzen 3000 processors and Radeon Navi graphics cards, both products produced with TSMC's innovative 7nm process.

 two AMD Radeon Navi

Well, while the Ryzen 3000 CPUs are a constant source of excitement for enthusiasts, thanks to their number of cores never before seen in the traditional processor market...


The new Navi graphics cards haven't given you a glimpse of their potential yet... Well, that's so far! Well, that's it so far! Since fresh news has just arrived.

New 'leak' confirms the first two AMD Radeon Navi graphics cards, as well as their price and release date!

The information comes from the Chinese site 'Zhihu', which managed to catch a Sapphire spokesman talking more. Of course, the publication has already been removed, with AMD's legal department working at full throttle... But as you would expect, what reaches the Internet is hardly removed.

Having said all that, according to the information gathered, we will have a high-end GPU 'XT', which should cost $499, as well as a weaker version costing $399. The performance of the 'XT' card, will be higher than what the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 offers, while the cheaper version, should compete with the RTX 2060.

However, it seems that the Navi architecture will not have specialized hardware for the famous Ray-Tracing... So, NVIDIA should keep this advantage in the market. (Still, AMD is already working on a new architecture, which will fix this flaw).

We will confirm everything on May 27

Subsequently, the first cards should arrive on the market on 7 July. (Interestingly, AMD has already said that it will show its new generation of Gaming products at E3 2019, which will happen during the month of June)

In short, we've been waiting for a new range of AMD Radeon Gaming graphics cards for quite some time! Are they going to meet our expectations, or are they going to be another 'Vega' of this life?


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