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AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core: which ultrabook is suitable for you?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-28 13921

Recently, AMD and Intel released the high performance CPU. AMD Ryzen 9 series, AMD Ryzen 7 seried and the Ryzen 5 series. They are doing well in most testing software. But for those who are not clear about the performance of each processor, it is difficult to them to choose a best ultrabook. 

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core 

Parameter comparison

First of all, let's take a look at the processors that have been used in this generation of thin and light books - including the first generation and the second generation of Ryzen, AMD has a total of 11 processors on the ultrabooks. The 2MB + 4MB cache combination is dominant, and the reference frequency and maximum frequency are mostly concentrated between 2.0GHz and 4.0GHz. The eight-threaded or four-threaded processor specifications are obviously mainstream.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core  

In contrast, the 8th Intel landing on the thin and light notebook, focus on the 4,6,8MB three-level cache specifications, the core frequency range between 1.6GHz - 4.6GHz, with four core eight-thread processor and dual-core four.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core: Test in CINEBENCH R15

From the running points of CINEBENCH R15, it can be seen that the overall score of AMD  processor is higher than Intel processor, and the second-generation Ryzen processor is worthy of recognition compared with the previous generation.

 AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core

For example, in the comparison between Ryzen and Intel Core, the score of AMD Ryzen 7 3700U (688.5) is significantly higher than the score of i7-8565U (658), while the score of AMD Ryzen 7 2700U (640) is also To be higher than i7-8550U (636). In the cross-generation comparison of the same camp, the score difference between AMD Ryzen 7 3700U and AMD Ryzen 7 2700U is also far greater than that of i7-8565U compared to i7-8550U.  


Moreover, compared with the Intel Core processor, AMD's second-generation Ryzen low-voltage processor can maintain a stable power consumption of about 20W for a long time in the test. It has been stable for a long time in many tests. Output (although Intel processors have high instantaneous power consumption, they are not well maintained for long periods of time).

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core 

In addition, AMD Ryzen processor in the calculation of the built-in Radeon Vega series graphics card, compared to the Intel UHD620 core graphics card weak graphics performance has almost doubled the huge advantage, even with the MX150 alone in the battle, in thin and light In the use, it can also give users a comfortable experience.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core: Ladder chart

Based on the comparison of Cinebench R15R results, the performance and level of AMD and Intel processors are very clear. The AMD camp's processor is obviously more advantageous. Based on this result, the performance of the thin and light notebook processor performance ladder is as follows.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core 

It can be seen that among the current mainstream thin and light notebook processors, the R3/R5/R7 are better than the Intel processors in the opposite position, and the performance of the AMD Ryzen mobile processor is far stronger than the Intel 8th in the performance of the built-in graphics card. The Core Mobile processor is basically a low-power MX150-class discrete graphics card.

In the ultrabook field, the graphic advantages of the Ryzen processor are greatly enhanced, enabling OEMs to optimize costs and introduce more cost-effective models. In fact, the emergence of the Ryzen processor will bring the mainstream price of the ultrabook among $580.

AMD Ryzen notebook recommended

In the three major advantage - CPU, graphics and price, Ryzen notebook has been in the market since last year. Here is to give you some recommendation.

Huawei honor MagicBook 2019 Ryzen Edition

Huawei honor MagicBook 2019 Ryzen Edition  

Huawei honor MagicBook 2019 Ryzen version uses an integrated metal body design, the surface of the fuselage has also been treated with a matte process, showing A more modern style of metal – plus the R9-3700U processor and 8GB dual-channel DDR4 2400 MHz memory, it also brings long battery life, no doubt it is a very competitive price. The preferred thin and light version of the force.   

Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 Ryzen Edition

Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 Ryzen Edition

Lenovo Xiaoxin 14 Ryzen version of the thin body uses a high-strength integrated metal material, taking into account the cold texture and feel. It not only uses a peep-proof camera, but also protects the privacy of users, as well as a crisp entry experience. With the support of the AMD R5 3500U processor, it also has a stable performance output and ten hours of full-day life, plus fast charge function - can easily meet the user's various ideas for thin and light.  

Dell Inspiron 14-5485 Second Generation Ryzen Edition

Dell Inspiron 14-5485 Second Generation Ryzen Edition  

Dell Inspiron 14-5485 second generation Ryzen version of the simple design ideas, metal material blessing, plus the touch of matte texture, so that it can deeply grasp the user's heart in the first experience. And 14 inches, only 1.48kg weight, it will also bring an easy travel experience when you are carrying out - thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, its battery life is also very reliable - whether it is mobile Office or travel, it will not let you down.    

HP Star 14 Youth Edition Ryzen Edition

HP Star 14 Youth Edition Ryzen Edition​ 

The A side of the HP Star 14 Youth Edition has a matte texture that feels smooth and youthful while not overly ostentatious. The brushed texture design used in the C-face also adds a lot of rich and detailed details to the simple and elegant body design, which is simple and generous and full of technology. With the AMD R5 3500U processor, its ten-hour battery life is naturally a key factor in the user's use.  


AMD Ryzen mobile processor greatly enhances the advantages of AMD APU design concept. With an APU, it is designed with the same power consumption. It combines CPU and GPU cores. CPU performance has surpassed Intel, and GPU performance is enough. The entry-level is unique, and the cost is lower than the low-voltage processor plus the unique combination. This is the key point for AMD Ryzen in the thin and light market, which is favored by notebook manufacturers.

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