Android website eliminates the Huawei P30 Pro and Mate X

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This week has not been a day without Huawei being h Huawei P30 Pro at by any of the companies in charge of supplying software or hardware parts. Google was the first to veto Huawei after the entry of the company on the '' Trump blacklist '', and now, after other companies and associations withdraw support for the Chinese company, the Android website has eliminated the trace of Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei Mate X.

 Huawei  Mate X

Everything began last Sunday, when Google, following the guidelines of the US government, announced that it will not support Huawei phones. The measure was like a jug of cold water, since the Huawei mobiles that are launched after August 19 will not be able to carry Android or enjoy Google services, but those that have been launched so far, will not be able to update to Android Q .

It was rumored that other companies, such as Intel and Qualcomm, also withdrew support for the Chinese company, but what is confirmed is that both ARM and the SD Association do not give their licenses to Huawei, which means they can not use microSD cards as of now, nor to build chips with ARM licenses (a very important player in the market).

The latest news about the Google veto to Huawei take us to the Android page. It is not that any other company has withdrawn support to Huawei, but that the Android page itself has stopped advertising Huawei phones as the best in their respective fields.

And, the Android page has a list of phones that excel in different categories, and Huawei had two phones in those lists. The Huawei Mate X, Huawei's folding phone that won the Mobile World Congress best device award in our first edition of the awards, is no longer on the 5G mobile list. It is something important, since I shared position with the Galaxy S10, the Mi Mix 5G and the LG V50 ThinQ, and the peculiarity was that it was the only folding phone with flexible screen on the list.

On the other hand, in the section of the camera, the Huawei P30 Pro does not appear anywhere, a phone that, as we told you in our analysis, stands out for its photographic benefits (and also excelled next to the Pixel 3, Moto G6 and OnePlus 6T, the other alternatives in the list).

Huawei P30 Pro

This is a new sign of the power of US companies, which continue to pressure a Huawei that is receiving too many hits in a week aciaga. We will see what are the movements of the Chinese company, but are taking action on the matter, as its own operating system that could be compatible with Android applications.

In the end, that the Android page eliminates the Huawei P30 Pro and the Mate X, it is obvious considering the situation, and is a movement focused on pressing that, above all, can further confuse the user with a Huawei mobile, or who would think to buy one.

Of course, as we tell you a few lines, your Huawei will continue to work, but you can not upgrade to Android Q. We will see if the situation is resolved before such update ... or Huawei has to move forward with its alternative operating system.


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