Apepal RDTA Atomizer

ByGB Blog Official 2016-11-09 3256

Sneak Preview | The Apepal Unique RDTA Atomizer is a WINNER. Enjoy our short preview of the powerhouse Apepal Unique RDTA atomizer.

It features a special rotate-to-cotton structure to eliminate any leakage problems, and also provides airflow control using a large caliber drip tip for even more vapor goodness.

These fantastic design ideas will bring you an amazing vaping experience – one that delivers a superb balance of the amount of vapor cloud and taste.

Nice Appearance:

The Apepal Unique RDTA is made of durable stainless steel and glass.

With an atomizer, what is the most crucial aspect of the overall experience? Without doubt, it is the taste.

Utilizing a stainless steel tube which can enhance the flavor, there’s a 12.5mm large bore diameter POM drip tip and 4ml tank reservoir.

At first glance, you will see the Apepal brand logo - a cool vaping orangutan on the body. There’s also a laser etching of a water drop, fire, and an arrow, which are for controlling the airflow – details we will look at later.

Regarding the size, the dimensions measure 25mm (0.98'') diameter by 55mm (2.16''), and comes in at a lightweight 54g (1.90oz).

It uses 510 gold-plated thread. With a 25mm base, you can vape with any standard 25mm diameter mod available on the market.

Large Caliber Drip Tip, Top Airflow Control

Apepal Unique RDTA supports a large caliber drip tip which can adjust the airflow hole on the sleeve for enhanced air flow control. The size of the air intake hole determines the speed, concentration, amount of the vapor.

This is important because the different hole diameters will lead to different vapor and taste. In total, there are 8 holes (each one is 2mm diameter) on the sleeve for adjusting airflow.

This makes this tank a high-performance vapor beast that delivers a full rich taste.

Special Original Rotate-To-Wick-Cotton Structure

The official source claimed that it utilizes a special original Rotate-To-Wick-Cotton structure. This eliminates leakage problem that normally affect other atomizers.

We are happy to report that this worked incredibly well, you can see from the picture that it will not drip the e-juice when rotating the arrow to the "fire" sign.

What do the "fire" and "water drop" signs mean? This is for adjusting the wicking cotton room. Turning to "fire", you can get maximum space, while you can reduce it to the bare minimum setting with the "water drop" sign.

Top Filling Design

Just pull open the atomizer top cap. This brings the oil droplets to the cotton or filling e-juice storage tanks from the special rotate-to-wick-cotton structure.


Why choose RDTA?

Having an RDTA atomizer means that you are actually owning two kinds of atomizer – both RDA and RTA. Not only can it produce a large vapor cloud from the RDA structure, you also benefit from the great flavor taste and convenience from the RTA construction.


With its combination of affordable pricing and overall high performance, GearBest is delighted to recommend the Apepal Unique RDTA atomizer without reservation.