Apex legends: coming soon on switch, mobile iOS and Android

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 707

Present on PC, Xbox one and PS4, Apex legends, strong of its success, could join its competitors on mobile versions and switch.

While the apex legends community is only growing, logic would like it to export, just like its competitors, to switch and mobiles. To satisfy the greatest number and thus continue to increase its notoriety, the new Royal battle of respawn could possibly join Nintendo, IOS and Android.


Unfortunately, it might be complicated for Apex to join these platforms for several reasons. Firstly, the graphical base used to rotate its game is not present on the Nintendo console. In addition, EA is not very familiar with the switch. In fact, only FIFA is present on this machine. It would not necessarily be profitable for respawn to develop his game on this platform.


Second, we know Apex legends for its gluttony and graphic qualities. It would require a lot of resources, older phones would have trouble running it without the battery evaporating in a fraction of a second. In addition, the dynamic gameplay of Apex would not necessarily correspond to a mobile adaptation.


But respawn announced that he wanted to set up the cross-platform in the near future. In addition, developers did not necessarily expect such a dazzling success. It could be in the logic of respawn to export to these new consoles. It is not really clear whether the mobile and switch versions will disembark, but the Executive producer of Apex legends, drew McCoy, gives us a glimmer of hope to see the flagship game of the moment join these platforms.

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