Apex Legends mobile edition for iOS and Android is coming soon

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 626

The manufacturer of the Titanfall series of sci-fi shooters released an unexpectedly new free-to-play game called Apex Legends, and it is clearly the successful battle Royale mode of Fortnite directed ridiculously pit-punching up to 100 players. Face to face in a winner-take-all battle set on a huge island.

Apex Legends are already quite popular on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox one and Windows PCS, partly thanks to their developer Respawn Entertainment which has loads of experience making the high-quality shooters (Titanfall 2 which is the most Recent).


But the game also groups players in squads of three, enables damaged teammates to resuscitate, features "hero" characters with special abilities and uses an intuitive "ping" system to help players Communicate quickly, so it goes much more on that just trying to grab over the coattails of Fortnite (download for iOS or Android).


And although the game just came out, your publisher's Electronic Arts are already talking about future plans. In the earnings call the transcription of the Motley fool spotted by Android Authority, EA CEO Andrew Wilson looked with fixity in the crystal ball of the apex legends and had this to tell the investors:


"Ou [and] can see very clearly as you look and you to play the game that are going to be opportunities to take the game in different directions over time. Esports will be almost certainly part of that... As I said earlier, we are looking at how to carry the game over time on the mobile and cross-game, and also I'm counting on this game to have enormous value in Asia, and we are in talks about that. "(Emphasis added)


Wilson also said in the call, "I think teams have done a huge job there, and you should expect that we have very big and sturdy plans for this game and that we will branch out in many over time different directions."


As a free-to-play game, Apex Legends rely on shopping in-app to generate revenue. But as Fortnite, it is still possible to purchase items from the Cash shop with the course of playing the game. Buying and passing in-game modernity to be a faster way to collect loot and cosmetics? Absolutely probably. But players who have less time to grind tend to have more money to spend. So in theory, it balances out.


The biggest hurdle will get the game to run smoothly on a mobile device. The EA freeze game creation engine has been used by its developers for years, but Respawn did not begin to use it until the team started production in Apex legends. Before this, respawn had been working with the source engine of the valve software.


The EA anticipated a situation as these years ago and developed a mobile-optimized version of its engine called Frostbite Go. However, we haven't heard much about it since the announcement back in 2013, so it's hard to tell how much work would need to be done to bring it up to date or optimize it for Apex legends. But without an official release date, the EA has plenty of time to sort out their choices.


In the earnings call the transcript released by the Motley Fool, the Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned that the recent hit Apex legends are tentative empizarradas for a release on iOS and Android.


Apex Legends directly compete with Fortnite, but players are grouped into teams of three, and you can use a "ping" system contextually to communicate to your teammates quickly.


Now, the game is a free download for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox one and Windows PCS.

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