Apex Legends mobile: This is the truth about the mobile version of the video game

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 451

Both EA and Apex Legends developers are already clear about their intentions for the Android and iOS mobile market. Find out about plans for eventual Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends is settling as the video game of the moment and the future looks promising. Of course, a mobile version of the title would fit perfectly into the already adopted free-to-play model, and the developers have already expressed themselves about it.


EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, said the company is looking for ways to use a cross-platform gameplay "in the context of Apex," according to a transcript from Motley Fool.


"As I said before, we are reviewing how to take the game to mobile and to the game over time, we also hope that this title has a great value in Asia, for which we are already in talks" the CEO specifically pointed out about Apex Legends.


Even though Apex Legends hasn't counted on an advertising campaign. It is clear that both EA and the creators of Titanfall have premeditated the possible strategies to take for the near future of the game.


Apex Legends would be focused on becoming the Battle Royale, and even in the game, of the entire 2019. The game already reached 3 million players and continues to remain on top of Twitch.tv as the most viewed game by far.

Still, the development of a version of Apex Legends for iOS and Android would not be immediate, so we probably have to wait a few months for something like this to happen.


The mobile market continues to sound more and more in the developers’ priorities of some of the more sound titles. Eventual mobile Apex Legends would only continue the trend of Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and the still unannounced Call of Duty Legends of War.

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