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Apple AirPower wireless charging pad finally went into mass production

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-15 1037

In 2017, Apple finally added fast charging and wireless charging function to the iPhone. However, the iPhone is still equipped with 5W ancestral chargers, and the long-awaited Airpower hasn’t been released.
Original Xiaomi Qi Standard Wireless Charger Global Version - WHITE

Original Xiaomi Qi Standard Wireless Charger Global Version - WHITE
$37.97 $29.99    


Well, good news finally comes. Many medias have reported that Apple has overcome the technology challenge and went into the mass production. The Apple Airpower is expected to be released in the first quarter of this year.

Apple AirPower wireless charging pad  

Compared to the ordinary wireless charger, one of AirPower's major advantages is that it can charge three devices at the same time, including the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. In addition, wireless charging can be achieved at any location on AirPower, so it must adopt the overlapping coils design. It is reported that the Apple AirPower has three layers of wireless coils.

Apple AirPower can charge three devices at the same time  

The problems caused by the overlapping design of coils are that the coils will interfere with each other and may lead to increased heating, so good heat dissipation measures are needed.

In addition, AirPower also integrates a lite version of iOS system to achieve the convenient connection with various iOS devices, which is much more complex and intelligent than ordinary wireless chargers.

connection with various iOS devices 

Now it seems that Apple has found a way to solve AirPower's technical problems. If everything goes well, the Apple AirPower may become the most technological wireless charging product on the market. Of course, the price may be also very expensive. According to the previous exposed information, it should be sold for more than $100, which is much expensive than ordinary wireless charger.

Of course, if you've bought other brands of wireless charging products, you don't need to be upset. Although AirPower has adopted various cutting-edge technologies, it has not made much breakthrough in the core charging power. The maximum power of wireless charging for the 2017 and 2018 iPhones is just 7.5W.



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