Apple releases iOS 12.3: Beta 3 is available for free download

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Apple periodically releases software updates for its iOS operating system and has provided the public beta for the upcoming iOS 12.3. We have already taken a close look at the new version and explain what has changed.

With version 12.3, Apple will offer the last major point update for its iPhones and iPads, before switching to iOS 13 in autumn. So you won't find a great innovation, but Apple fixes several bugs and errors and makes some adjustments to the design.

iOS 12.3 Public Beta

iOS 12.3 Public Beta: This is new

In the current beta of iOS 12.3 the biggest innovation is the integration of Apple's subscription offers, which are only available for US users:

News service: Apple News Plus allows access to over 300 magazines

Apple TV+: Apple's own video streaming service to compete with Netflix

Apple credit card: the credit card is issued jointly by Apple and the Goldman Sachs bank. Among other things, the company promises strict data protection.

In addition, the Wallet App was adapted. Inputs and outputs now get corresponding icons and a slightly changed design.

In addition, the development team is currently working on fixing individual bugs. Among other things, the iPad will fix the bug with Apple Pencil, which leads to display problems when the handball is placed on the screen.

How to install iOS 12.3 public beta

To install the latest Apple iOS Beta, please download iOS 12.3 from the official Apple website. There you can register for free with your Apple-ID and get a profile, which you have to install on your device.

After the successful installation and a restart of the iPhone or iPad, a new software update to the latest iOS Beta will appear in the settings.


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