Apple Watch 5 series smartwatch: Release date, rumors, news

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Every September, Apple presents a new smartwatch. The Apple Watch 5 Series will probably follow in 2019. What she looks like and what she can do is still unknown. Initial notices are provided by registered patents and well-informed insiders.

Apple's smartwatches have been selling better than any other wearables for years – so in 2018, the International Data Corporation reports. The test by COMPUTER BILD proves customers right: The current Apple Watch Series 4 model is the best smartwatch in the test. No wonder, then, that the world of technology is already speculating about the successor to Apple Watch Series 5. A patent now provides an indication of more health features in the new smartwatch. At this point, you can read the rumors surrounding the design and features of the Apple Watch 5.

Apple Watch 5: Design, ceramic case

The shape and size of the Apple Watch isn't likely to change much in Series 5. After all, Apple has only recently revamped the design: The Series 4 features larger displays and a flatter case. As Apple Insider reports, citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino group wants to bring back the complete ceramic case. That's what Apple offered with the edition variant of the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Series 3. In the Series 4, the underside of the case is made of ceramic, the rest of the case is made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Apple Watch 5: Display – OLED or Micro-LED

There is various information about the display technology. Apple is currently relying on OLED screens. The Reuters news agency has learned from the supply chain that Apple is banking on OLED displays from Japan Display at Series 5. Rumors have been going on for years that Apple is working on micro LED technology. The self-illuminating pixels offer the advantage of working more energy-efficient. A patent published in February 2019 shows a flexible display that relies on this technique. Whether and how Apple deploys that, as always, is unclear.

Apple Watch Series 5

Sensors for blood sugar and air quality

Apple has been relying on fitness and health functions for years for its smartwatch. For example, the Apple Watch 4 detects atrial fibrillation using an electrocardiogram (ECG). The successor could measure, for example, blood sugar levels – a practical function for diabetics. This is made possible thanks to the sensors Apple is currently developing. A patent, which became public in August 2018, shows the corresponding technique with special light sensors, which makes blood glucose measurement possible without puncture ("non-invasive"). Apple is also working on odor sensors, as evidenced by another patent that appeared in April 2019. These sensors could capture and analyze the wearer's sweat, sniff the blood sugar or alert the user if the air is polluted.

Apple working on sleep analysis

As an unspecified source revealed to the Bloomberg news agency in late February 2019, Apple is finally donating to its smartwatch arguably the most desired feature from users: Sleep tracking. Behind the bulky designation lies nothing more than a function with which users record and analyze their sleep behavior. This has been possible with third-party apps so far, but not particularly in handy: Most users charge their Apple Watch at night due to limited battery life, so they don't wear it on their wrist; However, this is necessary to monitor sleep.

Apple Watch 5 Series: Bigger battery

So for sleep tracking, Apple will either need to increase the capacity of the Watch battery or make the feature as energy efficient as possible, according to the report. How this could work is how the company has been using the function for months. So with the next Apple Watch, do users monitor not only their heart rhythm, but also their sleep behavior? Bloomberg denies: The technology will not be available to the general public until 2020 at the earliest. But perhaps things are working out earlier, as Apple – with the takeover of start-up Beddit – has already had the necessary technology since 2017.

Apple Watch Series 5: Release date

Apple, as always, doesn't reveal when the next Apple Watch is coming. If the company maintains the turnaround, users expect the next model in September 2019 – as in the previous four years.


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