Apple Watch 5 will focus on users ' health

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After announcing iOS 12 at WWDC, Apple introduced the news to the developers of watchOS 5. According to the company, the new version of the operating system will have the mission of encouraging users to practice more exercises.

watchOS 5 

For this, the new watchOS won a feature that creates weekly competitions among friends. The idea is to stimulate physical activities through notifications, which show how other people are doing. At the end of each week, the system makes a balance of who had the best performance.

The system supports more types of physical activity, such as yoga and track, and displays more details about your performance when creating steps within an exercise. With this, it shows its speed during different moments of a walk, for example.

Another novelty in watchOS 5 is the start alerts. They help the system automatically identify when you are starting or ending an activity to start the stopwatch more quickly.

automatically identify 

Siri has been supported by more third-party apps, as well as the shortcuts featured on iOS 12. Besides, the assistant dispenses the famous "What's Up, Siri" to start working. Now, you just have to lift your arm and speak some command.

The system has gained interactive notifications, which allow you to perform actions immediately upon receiving an alert. According to the examples shown during the presentation, the watch is able to check in on a flight, change the time of a booking, and make payments by Apple Pay more agility.

WatchOS 5 is also able to open sites with optimized visuals for the smart watch, and has won the Podcasts app.

And there's a new app for you to communicate with friends and family: the Walkie-Talkie. It allows you to send short voice messages with the help of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

the Walkie-Talkie. 

In the month of LGBT + pride, Apple took advantage to present new wallpaper and nylon bracelets with the colors of the rainbow. The accessory will arrive in Brazil by the end of the week. The Apple Watch with 4G connection will also be released here, costing from R $3,199.

Dolby Atmos on tvOS 12

For tvOS 12, the main novelty is support for Dolby Atmos, which offers more realistic sound in movies, for Apple TV 4K. Your old iTunes Movies purchases should be updated for free to receive the new audio standard.

With the novelty, Apple TV 4K becomes the only streaming device to count on both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR. The device also no longer requires logging in to applications. It will recognize that you are using your Internet network and give access to all applications without asking for any password.

For users in the United States, Apple announced that by the end of the year it will start a partnership with Charter Spectrum, one of the largest subscription TV companies in the country. The goal is to display conventional channels and on-demand content on Apple TV.

When will the Apple Watch 5 be released?

For developers, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 are available from this Monday (4). Users should receive the final version of the two systems from September. In the case of watchOS 5, the update will be released to Apple Watch Series 1 and higher. To get the update on your watch, you need to have iOS 12 on iPhone 5s or newer.


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