Apple watch series 5 ceramic casing

ByEvelyn Garcia 2019-05-10 3020

Apple is said to have planned another ceramic version for the next generation of the Apple Watch. This was introduced with the Series 2 as a white ceramic model and with the Series 3 there was an additional version with grey ceramic. With the Series 4 both models disappeared.


With the Apple Watch Series 5 at least one version could come back and Apple should then also add the ECG function for further countries. However, I hope that a) this does not only apply to the S5 and b) in Germany it will not happen in autumn. I was actually expecting it in the spring.



More details about the new Apple Watch are not available yet. However, I strongly assume that we will not see a big step this year after the major upgrade in 2018. New processor, 1-2 new software features and new colors. More is not needed for the time being.


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