Apple Watch Series 5: Premiere, price, specifications and more rumors

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A few months after the Apple Watch Series 4 was presented, some users are already waiting for the arrival of the next Apple smartwatch. We speculate on the price, the release date and the prestacions of the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 5

With the advent of the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018, the Apple company was able to revolutionize once again the smartwatches industry thanks to a faster, thinner and with the screen bigger than the previous models.

In addition, the latest generation of Apple Watch includes new features to track the user's health, such as fall detection or improved cardiac sensors.

However, the technology advances at a resounding pace and there are users-among whom we are-who already want to know what will surprise us Apple with its next smartwatch, which could reach this 2019.

Here is a review of the rumors and other information that has come to us on the Apple Watch Series 5. What price will it have? When will your release date be? Will it include new specifications?

Rumor 1. Apple Watch Series 5 will be released in September 2019

All points out that the Apple Watch Series 5 will be announced next September, as Apple has been waiting three consecutive years for the event that organizes each year during that month to present in society a new generation of its smartwatch.

Rumor 2. Apple Watch Series 5 will set a higher price

The launch prices of the Apple Watch Series 4 were somewhat higher than the price they had in their debut earlier generations. This is why it is expected to happen again when the Apple Watch Series 5 is presented.

Currently, the simplest model-with 40 mm box, without mobile data and with sports belt-has a cost of €429/$9.499, whereas if the box is 44 mm, the cost rises to €459/$10.199. If you want mobile data, you have to pay €100/$2.500 extra.

Rumor 3. Apple Watch Series 5 will have few changes in the design

It is true that, compared to the other models, the advent of the Apple Watch Series 4 meant a somewhat more obvious redesign. A larger screen was made, but without increasing the thickness of the smartwatch. In fact, he's the thinnest of them all.

However, all these changes were not radical. In fact, the average buyer barely noticed. That is why we should not expect a total transformation with the Apple Watch Series 5, which should be almost the same as the previous generation.

We do not believe that Apple introduces a round screen, as this creates difficulties with watchOS, but it could introduce straps with integrated sensors that would greatly improve the performance of the smart clock.

Some people predict some changes in the watch case, as is the case with Ming-Chi Kuo, which ensures that the Apple Watch Series 5 could mark the return of the ceramic casing, although the focus will be on internal changes.

Rumor 4. New Apple Watch with S5 processor

You do not have to be very understood in the subject to imagine that, with the new Apple Watch, there will also be a new processor. In this case, it will be the S5 chip, which should improve the clock's performance over the previous generation.

Although these improvements may not be noticed too much in day-to-day-the Apple Watch Series 4 should be just as powerful to run the currently available apps-it is true that the S5 would allow the smartwatch to continue to operate at 100% for longer.

Rumor 5. Apple Watch Series 5 will offer 16GB maximum internal memory

The storage capacity of the Apple Watch was updated not too long, so we would not expect Apple to be encouraged to change the 16GB on which all Apple Watch Series 4 models are available.

Rumor 6. Apple Watch Series 5 will have improved battery autonomy

In our experience, Apple Watch's battery performance has been worsening since Series 2. This is what our benchmarks have shown, and it would be the result of more powerful chips, larger screens and little space for a larger battery.

If Apple is willing to give in other departments, and always assuming that the technology has advanced enough, we could see how the company tries to solve this problem that many users have complained about.

Rumor 7. Apple Watch Series 5 new features

The Apple Watch Series 4 had a more resolution screen than the previous generation, but that was just because the monitor was bigger. The pixel density remained 326 ppi, the same as the first model. The change could have come.

On the other hand, perhaps Apple will be encouraged to offer the EKG function also outside the United States, although we assume it will focus more on improving health and fitness benefits, including a more than likely new glucose sensor.

In February 2019, Mark Gurman published on Bloomberg that Apple is working on improving the monitor to track the dream of its smartwatch, but it is also true that Gurman predates a release in 2020.

Rumor 8. Apple Watch 5 with the new watch OS 6 pre-installed

The Apple Watch Series 5 will have as operating system preinstalled the watchOS 6, which is to be expected to be presented in the WWDC of 2019 and to release its version to the general public once it arrives at the stores the new smartwatch.

It is difficult to know what Apple will surprise us in the upcoming watchOS update, although we believe that the number of participants in the activity competitions will be increased, since the limit is currently two.


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