Are HyperX cloud Alpha good?

ByJordan Hobbs 2019-06-12 1206

"The game earphone is still wireless good", estimate I this sentence haven't finished saying, will have the voice of objection immediately.After all, the sound quality is poor, the connection has the delay and the electricity consumption touching and so on, seems to be a natural problem, jisheng also jisheng.But it's been 9,102 years, and one of the best has already perfected it.

HyperX cloud Alpha

However, this is not the key, because in my opinion, the wireless game headset in the absence of such a line after the use of the experience, is the cable headset can not be given completely. Why? As long as you have a wired headset to play, you want to get up and stretch, or walk to get a drink, after pulling a big ticket, you must understand what I want to say.

Compared to the sound quality, I prefer the freedom of wearing wireless gaming headphones.So no matter at home or in the studio, wireless gaming headphones are my only choice when playing games.So "the sound even made me stop using wireless gaming headphones", which is really my highest evaluation of wired gaming headphones and my final evaluation of HyperX Cloud Alpha.

"Good voice" is not an easy word to pick up.According to @earphone, the 13Hz to 27000Hz frequency response range on the HyperX Cloud Alpha book is a pretty bright reading for a game headset at that price (manually bold here).In terms of actual hearing, the sound field and layering are very satisfying, and it's hard to find a rival for a closed-end headset at that price.

And compared to the previous game ear opportunity to pull up the low-frequency and high-frequency energy to enhance the clarity of footsteps, gunfire, but because of the performance of the vocal unit limitations, so that the actual performance is low-frequency rumble, high-frequency harsh. HyperX Cloud Alpha is really also pull high low frequency and high frequency energy, but in the promotion of energy at the same time also has a good texture, so that the low frequency solid and not appear cloudy, high frequency loud and smooth without burr feeling.

Coupled with a fairly generous sound field and a sense of hierarchy, it is even better to use this headset to listen to symphonies than to monitor headphones at the same price. Just pull high low frequency at the same time, the energy sense of the intermediate frequency naturally sag, so that the voice appears farther, the texture is not bad, used to listen to pop music or can.

Overall, such sound performance and a more friendly drive type, competent entry-level Hi-fi headphones are no problem. To put it bluntly, that is, HyperX Cloud Alpha, since the competent game headset, is competent for hi-fi headphones (entry-level, of course).

So why? Why can HyperX Cloud Alpha, a gaming headset, behave like this? Telling the truth, also is not boasting, played for so many years peripheral and recognize so many brands, heard the game headphones do not have 1000 also have a good hundreds of, wired headphones can have such a performance really make me remember deeply, but also at such a price, but really not much.

In fact, "sound" these three words, is the peripheral manufacturers in recent years to do.Although this is due to the arms race, the larger size of the units, better materials of the diaphragm and better structure of the game ear, there are also aspects such as shape design, earmuffs and tuning.

So the game headset used to just sound "cool" and "bass is strong", and gradually moved in the direction of "hi-fi".This is what HyperX Cloud Alpha does and is the basis for such a great voice.The key is to use the "Dual Chamber", which is already standard with hi-fi headphones.

So here comes the question again, what is this dual-cavity design? And what's the use?

Really want to say this technical principle is what, also quite good understanding, see the official give out the illustration can be. Compared to mono cavity design, high, medium and low frequency are in the same space, so it will inevitably be mixed together. Dual-tone cavity design, as the name implies, is high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency have different and exclusive space, so the interference between different frequency bands will be reduced, the degree of separation will be improved. White point, that is the special bus line, peak period is not afraid of blocking.

Such a setting, that is, dual-tone cavity design in headphones, especially hi-fi headphones, is actually a very common thing. But in the game headset above use, according to my memory to calculate, it seems to be really HyperX Cloud Alpha alone, naturally is the advantage, but also directly manifested in the sound performance.

So the game headset used to just sound "cool" and "bass is strong", and gradually moved in the direction of "hi-fi".

This is what HyperX Cloud Alpha does and is the basis for such a great voice.

The key is to use the "Dual Chamber", which is already standard with hi-fi headphones.

So for more than half a year, HyperX Cloud Alpha was the first in my game headset recommendation list. In addition to the two-tone cavity design plus excellent listening, its black gold version of the excellent price performance and purple crystal version of the beautiful value, but also has an unrivalled cost-effective ah ...

But tell me to give up wireless gaming altogether...Still can't.After all, the convenience and charm of "wireless" is really very free, so should HyperX's next step be to launch HyperX Clud Alpha Wrieless?

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