ARK Compiler boosts Android's performance: Up to 60%

ByMia Wang 2019-06-03 2411

If Huawei's P30 series "super-sensitive Leica four-shot" brings a breakthrough change to mobile video, it is a kind of "transcendence" of Huawei's own mobile phone, then another black technology may become the existing Android mobile phone market. The existence of the pattern, it is the "Ark compiler" that Huawei has developed for many years!

Since the IOS system uses a static compilation mechanism, and the Android system uses dynamic compilation, dynamic compilation relies on a dynamic link library to extract data from this library. Therefore, when the mobile phone runs the application, the code needs to be translated, causing a certain delay. In response to this problem, the Huawei Ark compiler came into being.

What is the cause of the Android system?

Before understanding the working principle of Huawei's "Ark Compiler", we must first understand the working process of various APPs in mobile phones. When developers develop applications, they use advanced computer language programming, but after the application is installed in the system, it needs to pass the machine language and Machine dialogue, so when we run the program, we need to translate the high-level language into a machine language that the machine can recognize. This process is implemented on the virtual machine.

The advanced computer language used for compiling different apps is also different, so when running a program on an Android phone, the system resources of the phone will be used to translate and understand these advanced computer languages. Therefore, it seems that the user has a simple APP command operation. In fact, I want to complete it. Our Android mobile phone background has experienced the process of “one operation is fierce”. This process of translating and translating once and again understands the culprit that directly leads to the running of the Android system!

What is the working principle of the Ark compiler?

Understand the reasons that cause the Android system to run stuck, is there a practical and effective solution to deal with this problem? In fact, various manufacturers have never stopped their efforts in this area. Everyone tries to improve the fluency of the system by optimizing the process of “command translation.” Although everyone knows that the palliative is not a cure, it is a “no translation”. I dare not think about it.

Huawei's "Ark Compiler" has chosen another more direct optimization method, that is, in the development of each APP, the translation process of the advanced computer language is directly completed. When the user installs and uses, each operation command can be It is directly understood and executed by the Android system, and it does not need to occupy system resources for background translation and understanding. The benefits of this are naturally self-evident.

We assume that the user's operation instruction for the APP is equivalent to a parcel sent. The previous process is that the parcel has been swayed through one or more transit distribution centers, and the relevant receipt information is read and finally sent to the target location. Huawei's "Ark Compiler" simplifies this process. When the package is sent out, the final receipt information is clearly defined. There is no transfer process for information collection and summary, but the package is delivered directly!

We combine the different brands of mobile phone system optimization mentioned above. The surface optimization is just to replace the more efficient courier and upgrade the courier delivery vehicle. Although these optimizations can improve the efficiency of the command package delivery, The entire process has not changed substantially. Huawei's "Ark Compiler" starts from the origin and directly completes the translation of instructions and operational information in the initial development of different APPs. It completes the direct delivery process like the express "next day", without complicated intermediate links!

What are the benefits of the Ark compiler?

EMUI 9.1 only applied the Huawei Ark compiler to the system component System Server, which improved the system operation fluency by 24% and the system response performance by 44%. After the third-party application "Sina Weibo Extreme Edition" uses the Huawei Ark compiler, its operation fluency has increased by 60%!

Compiling into machine code in advance can be said to essentially optimize the process of executing instructions in traditional Android systems. It effectively saves valuable mobile CPU computing and memory resources, and the “Ark Compiler” provides a more efficient memory recycling mechanism. It does not need to suspend the application during recycling, and it can greatly improve the running speed at any time.

After reading this article, I think everyone has a new understanding of the birth of Huawei's "Ark Compiler" and its significance to the open source of the entire industry. This optimization based on the APP development process is based on the improvement of the entire Android system APP software experience, which is not divided into brands regardless of the model! The disruptive revolution it brings is aimed at the entire Android mobile phone market. Any brand mobile phone, as long as the application is based on Huawei's "Ark Compiler" optimized app, can be greatly improved in terms of running fluency! It can be seen that the use of Huawei's open source "Ark compiler" is of extraordinary significance.

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