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Asus ROG Cetra review: quality in-ear gaming headsets that will never let you down

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-01 10515

In the launch of the new ROG product in 2019, ROG and Tencent Games jointly launched the ROG PHONE II game mobile phone, at the same time brought new "faith" equipment to players, and launched a number of high-performance e-sports headphones. One of my favorite is the ROG CETRA electronic entry ear noise reduction headphones, it is also with the ROG PHONE II game phone with the emergence. 

Many people play games will wear headphones, and in the past, "game headphones" are mostly big headphones, big headphones have two problems, one is that it is hotter to wear big ears in summer;The second is that in the past, most of the e-sports headphones were designed for desktop hosts and did not take into account the needs of mobile games. ROG CETRA can solve these two problems well, and also surprisingly equipped with the "active noise reduction" function, it can be said that Asus has a deep research and understanding of the needs of gamers. 

Asus ROG Cetra

Asus ROG Cetra: Unboxing

The packaging of headphones is the red and black style commonly used by ROG players' national equipment, and it looks like "game equipment". 

Asus ROG Cetra

When you open the package, you can see that the headphone body is accompanied by a storage box with ROG logo printed on it, and the random accessories are in the storage box. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The two sizes of silicone earwings included in the package may be familiar to players who have used sports headphones. Headphones with silicone earwings can secure the headphones to the outer ear fossa when worn, and headphones do not fall off the ear easily. In addition to the pair installed on the headphones, three additional pairs are attached to the silicone sleeve, one of which is an inert memory sponge sleeve, which is softer and fits the ear canal, and can also be better insulated from external noise. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The wire clip with the ROG logo is cool, the shape is simply handsome, and the wire can be fixed to the collar, which can reduce the "stethoscope" effect caused by the wire, which is common in ear headphones. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The shape design of headphones is also very classy, and the common headphones use round cavity different, ROG CETRA appearance is strong, diamond horn clear, headphone cavity using aluminum alloy material, the color is relatively deep gun black, the main body of headphones is very textured. 

ROG CETRA headphones use the sound raising unit of 10.8mm. If you add ear wing components, it looks larger than some earphone headphones, but the weight is controlled better, only 29g, and it is still lighter to wear. There won't be much burden, if you have an advantage over the comfort of wearing headphones for a long time. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The front of the wire control component is three buttons, the button operation is the same as the ordinary headphones, click the middle button to play pause music or answer the phone, the +-key is the volume, double-click is the upper and lower curve switch, the lower left corner there is a working status indicator. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The side of the wire controller is the ANC noise reduction switch, which will feel the change of ear pressure when pressed. At the same time, the volume of the headset in the noise reduction state will be lower than that when the noise is not turned on, and there is no voice prompt when the noise reduction is turned on and off. However, the light on the front of the wirecontroller flashes to indicate that the headset is in noise reduction mode. 

Asus ROG Cetra

Gold-plated USB TYPE-C interface, with everyone's favorite ROG black eye logo. The reason for not using 3.5mm interface is very simple: first, more and more mobile phones begin to abandon 3.5mm audio interface and adopt universal USB TYPE-C interface; The second is that most of the new laptops, desktops and tablets are equipped with USB TYPE-C interfaces, and Mac,Switch hosts can also use this headset. 

Asus ROG Cetra

As the game equipment of the player country, of course, we can not do without the luminous LOGO, headphones plugged into the computer or mobile phone, the headphone cavity on the back of the handsome "eye of the loser" sign will light up. 

Asus ROG Cetra

ROG CETRA has a built-in DAC chip, plug-in computer and mobile phone are drive-free recognition, no longer need to install drivers, plug and play. The microphone of this headset is designed separately from the wire control. The microphone is close to the mouth and is convenient to use. With silicone ear wings fixed headphones to wear is relatively stable, even if you wear sports will not fall off the, ROG CETRA positioning is the game e-sports headphones, but also not limited to the use of games, this headset is of course very easy to wear and listen to music on a daily basis. Because in terms of sound performance, ROG CETRA's voice is very good. 

Asus ROG Cetra

After online, you can install Asus Armoury II driver management software, in the management software can adjust the sound of headphones, microphone noise reduction and other functions, you can see that the headphones support 24bit/96000Hz audio decoding. 

Asus ROG Cetra: Sound quality

In the sound effect optimization processing scheme, a number of presets are provided, which are distinguished according to FPS, RPG and other game types, which are obviously adjusted according to the sound characteristics of each game. After choosing different schemes, we can see that the EQ option and bass enhancement of headphones have changed. There are also movies and music patterns, and you can adjust the sound style of headphones according to your own taste. 

First of all, let's talk about its acoustic technical specifications: 10.8mm drive unit, response frequency 20Hz < 40kHz, sensitivity-40 ±3dB, 16 ohms impedance. 

The high frequency of the ROG CETRA is soft and the intermediate frequency is full. What surprises me most is that the bass of this headset is more prominent, and you can feel that the bass has a good flexibility, and the overall sound is also very layered, with the feeling of "moist" of moving coil headphones. It doesn't look dry. Even for listening to music, it feels good. Compared with the HiFi hi-fi headphones I used before, the, ROG CETRA is different in that the sound field is a little smaller, and the second is that the treble is not very bright. But this tuning may also have something to do with the location of its game headphones.

In the process of playing the game, you can feel the atmosphere of the headset is very good, but also can better distinguish the direction of the sound, so playing games such as FPS is helpful for players to determine the location of the enemy; If it is daily watching movies can also provide a little subwoofer, as a game headset, I think it is no problem listening to music every day. 

Asus ROG Cetra

The game I tried to play on this headset is "Game for Peace." the FPS game still has high requirements for sound. Hearing the sound of enemy footsteps and judging the location of gunshots have a great impact on the game. Some people play chicken online games on their mobile phones, even headphones are useless, directly using the external experience is very poor. 

The sound of ROG CETRA is better than the headphones delivered by ordinary mobile phones, and the sound is clearer. The sound of footsteps in the game can also be heard clearly, which is helpful to improve the winning rate of the game. And the headset will feel more shocking and immersive when listening to the explosion because there are more bass sounds. 

Asus ROG Cetra: noise reduction

Another thing worth mentioning is noise reduction. There are very few "e-sports game headphones" on the market with noise reduction function, and it is even more difficult to find the noise reduction function added to e-sports headphones. When the ROG CETRA is turned on to reduce noise, you can feel a lot less noise around you, such as tapping on the keyboard. In a noisy environment, this headset can help you get a better game environment. In the effect of noise reduction, there is a little bottom noise after, ROG CETRA is turned on, but the low noise is not obvious when the sound is heard and received continuously. 

I also wore this headset to the street to take the bus, which can eliminate a certain amount of low-frequency noise. For example, the roar of car engines will be much smaller, but the wind noise and tire noise of vehicles can still be heard. You can also hear some people say loudly, in terms of noise reduction effect, there is a certain gap between ROG CETRA and professional noise reduction headphones, but as a game headset is very good, it can let you in the game less interference from the outside world. 

Asus ROG Cetra

Asus's ROG brand was born in 2006, the first ROG product is the motherboard, after more than 10 years of development, ROG has become a large family, but also launched a lot of players dream equipment, A lot of times we will be surprised to see the hardware of ROG, there is a kind of "wow, the hardware can still do this!" 

ROG CETRA e-sports noise reduction headphones as a new member of the ROG family, it can be said that it does not disappoint the player, has a good sound, angular and maverick shape design, coupled with noise reduction function and some full details for the player. ROG CETRA does not live up to the reputation of "player country" belief, it is worth ROG powder into one, this headset has just been online, e-commerce channel 799 yuan a, but it is still worth wearing noise reduction function, after all, you have to find another one has noise reduction function, The shape of such "player Style" headphones is still very difficult to find.

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