ASUS Zenfone 6 prediction: What incredible features will we see

ByCandy Wang 2019-05-13 1351

February 2019, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Barcelona, Spain. When Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Sony and other well-known brands released their new products in succession, rarely, ASUS didn’t release the widely expected new smart phone, Zenfone 6, which makes people curious. In response, ASUS released a video advertisement on the big screen of the MWC, announcing that Zenfone 6 will be launched on May 16 in Valencia, Spain.

Zenfone 6 

At the same time, on February 25, the official FB page of ASUS also published this very eye-catching advertisement. This 35-second video not only announced the time and place of the conference but also revealed some information about the upcoming mobile phone. Based on it, we can make some predictions about ASUS Zenfone 6.

Possibly for mid-to-high end market

From the video, we can see that ASUS uses Defy Ordinary as the slogan of Zenfone 6. It can be roughly guessed that Zenfone 6 is a mid-to-high-end model. Especially at the beginning of the ad is a striking sentence "Meet The Incredible Zenfone", we have more reason to believe that Zenfone 6 will make great improvements in CPU, screen, camera, battery and more.

The battery capacity of the last generation of Zenfone is 3300mAh. The purpose of setting such battery capacity is to make sure the phone can work normally for one day. In fact, the current mainstream smartphone charging frequency is once a day (not include the unusual iPhone X...), that is, every night before going to bed, you need to charge the phone, otherwise, you will be very sorry on the next day. In order to give those forgetful people a chance, vivo Nex upgraded battery capacity to 4000mAh, but in practice, if you're used to playing games while waiting for a bus or queuing, you'll find that your cell phone will run out of power in an awkward time, in the middle of the second day. So personally, I really hope that mobile phone manufacturers can consider the actual use scenario when setting battery capacity, either charging one day or doubling the battery capacity to make it two days. I'm looking forward to Zenfone 6 achieving this.

Zenfone 6 

Consumers might get a bigger screen

Since the launch of iPhone X, loads of full-screen phones are launched, the borders become more and more narrow. It is the era of full screen now. But consumers' enthusiasm for bigger screen brings a common problem to mobile phone manufacturers: where should the front-end cameras and handsets be placed? Like other mobile phones, last year launched Zenfone 5 used the Apple solution, put a squared notch on top. However, after years of development, the squared notch seems to be a cliche now. What we can be sure of is that the "defy ordinary" Zenfone 6 will not use it. From the silhouette of Zenfone 6 showed in the preheating video, the screen of Zenfone 6 has abandoned the top notch, a more likely design is a larger full-screen with more narrow borders.

Everyone is looking forward to the pop-up lens

In fact, the iPhone X style notch is not the only existing solution for front-cameras. As early as 2015, many mobile phone manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and vivo, have tried to use another front-end camera solution, the pop-up camera. Last year, the full-screen concept APEX launched by vivo used pop-up cameras, which attracted widespread attention as soon as it was released.  This made consumers more looking forward to the mass-produced pop-up camera phones. Some media reports have pointed out that ASUS submitted patent applications to the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for "pop-up lens" were approved at the end of December 2018. We can make a bold guess that this patent was first applied to Zenfone 6 this year. In addition, since some users have complained that Zenfone 5's camera experience is too bad to meet their expectations, it’s quite possible that Zenfone 6 will upgrade the hardware to improve the camera performance instead of using AI photo like Zenfone 5. Maybe two or three 24 million or more pixel cameras, at least not less than Xiaomi Mi 9.

Zenfone 6 pop-up lens 

Almost certainly Qualcomm snapdragon CPU and new colors

In the event page released by ASUS, there is a detail that can not be ignored. A Qualcomm snapdragon logo is placed on the left side of the big 6, which indicates that Zenfone 6 will continue to use Qualcomm CPU this time. The most likely choice is snapdragon 845 or 855. More than that, the eye-catching number 6 uses gold and gradual gloss texture blue, which makes the color matching of Zenfone 6 become one of the focus of the new phone prediction. If Zenfone 6 uses this color as expected, it will probably become the most beautiful Zenfone phone.

What incredible surprises Zenfone 6 will bring? Is it good enough to "defy ordinary"? The questions remain to be revealed on May 16. On May 17, Zenfone 6 will join Gearbest Deals, let’s witness together the major evolution of Zenfone 6.


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