Basic laptop hardware parameters introduction for green hand, choose the suitable laptop for yourself

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Buying a computer is actually a lot easier than you thought: You only need to know the basic hardware parameters to effectively prevent entering the pit.

● Classification:

The classification of notebooks has never been a uniform standard. For your convenience, I prefer to divide it into two main categories.

Gaming laptop: Also known as high-performance notebook, is characterized by strong performance, endurance diabetes insipidus, generally thick, low latency and high tilt refresh rate.

It is suitable for all types of players connecting to the power supply to connect various mouse and keyboard peripherals, or to run AE, 3DMAX, PR, and other high performance modeling and rendering software.

Urtrabook: The battery life is very good (usually one charge a day, most of them support the use of mobile phone charging treasure), the processing is very good, light and portable , low power , the screen tends to high color gamut and high resolution.

It is suitable for taking with you without having to switch the power supply on and off at any time.

Of course, the two classifications are not absolute. As long as the money is available, you can also buy a thin and lightweight game book, a lightweight and thin book with good performance and other products with both features.

Most notebooks only have the hardware installed, but if the hardware is to provide adequate performance, the appropriate cooling conditions must be met. Unfortunately, most manufacturers use enough ideas. The notebook's use is just enough to take full advantage of the cooling components, the hardware's potential can't be fully exploited, the same configuration that cools better, the performance is stronger.

In general, with the same configuration, the heat dissipation is better and the power stronger.

● CPU:

The first is the positioning of CPU power: Generally divided into I3, I5, I7, I9 ,

According to office drama, daily games, performance needs, top players.

The notebook side concentrates mainly on I5 and I7.

Then the platform positioning of the CPU.

As long as you know that the U and Y suffixes are referred to as low voltage CPUs or ultra low voltage CPUs, they will be installed on a thin and lightweight notebook with lower performance and power consumption.

Other suffixes like H, HK, HQ, K, or the present do not use any gaming suffix.

The last thing is to look at the algebra, the first place behind the bar is the algebra.

For example i5- 8 250U is the eighth generation CPU.

I7- 9 700K is the latest generation of CPU 9.

Regardless of whether it's a thin or light book or a game book, I recommend only the latest generation of CPUs, i.e. eighth and ninth generation products.

The CPU performance of the 7th generation is low, unless the price is very cheap, there is absolutely no advantage.

For these two types of notebooks there is money for i7 and no money for i5. For these two types of notebooks there is money for i7 and no money for i5. If you can bite your teeth on i7, it is not recommended.

For the game, I5 only plays games. I5 is more than enough. Most games add up to I7 frames. The number of I7 frames is only about 5. Although I7 improves all aspects of daily use, the range is small and I7 is better suited for professional use. And players with high budgets .

In terms of thin and light, the performance gap between I7 and I5 is not large due to power consumption limitations.

A limited priority is reserved for SSDs and storage, which represents an immediate improvement.

Game book: i7-8700> i7-8750H> i5-8400> i5-8300H.

Thin and light: i7-8565u≈i7-8550u> i5-8265u≈i5-8250u.

Special mention: AMD R5 2500U, the theoretical performance is slightly higher than I5-8250U, but due to power consumption, heat dissipation etc. the actual performance is usually weaker than 8250u on thin and light.

● Graphics card:

For ultrabook, choose the episode version without even playing the game.

Play LOL, CSGO and other online games and choose the slim and lightweight version with MX150 only.

No matter what kind of thin and light, it is not suitable for playing because the thin and light heat is not good and the keyboard surface will soon feel hot.

For the gaming laptop.

GTX1050 = Low quality smooth chicken.

GTX1050TI = Chinese medium quality smooth chicken.

GTX1060 = High quality chicken that eats smooth. Most 3A quality is not a card.

RTX2060 / GTX1070 and higher, smooth operation of all games with high quality.

Priority when buying a new RTX series. Except 2080!

Most brands in the RTX series have higher premiums, and students with a budget under 8,000 recommend the 11XX and 16XX series.

The game has some graphics cards with the suffix MAXQ, which is called MQ, which means that the performance of the low-power version is slightly reduced

For example GTX1050TI

In addition to the graphics cards mentioned above, the rest are not recommended, although there are other good cards, but most of them are pits. A selection is not recommended.

● Memory:

For the memory that you only have to remember, the daily use + easy game 8G is enough.

If you want to play 3A Masterpiece, an upgrade to 16G is recommended.

All games reserve space for upgrading the memory.

Simply contact customer service, buy the Memory Stick yourself, add it yourself or look for help after the purchase to install it.

● Hard drive:

Solid State Drive (SSD):

Fast and high price, mainly divided into 120g / 128g, 250 / 256g, 1T three versions

1T = 1024G, 1G = 1024M.

Solid state drives contain four main terms: SATA specification (ACHI protocol), SATA interface and PCIE specification (NVME / ACHI protocol), and M.2 interface.

The SATA interface supports mechanical hard disks and solid-state hard disks. The SATA specification is slower

The M.2 interface can only be installed with SSDs that use the SATA specification (ACHI protocol) or the PCIE specification (ACHI protocol / NVME protocol).

But out of habit we often call it

Mechanical hard disk, SATA Solid State, NVME Solid State.

Their speed is slow to fast.

Although this statement is incorrect, it is the habit of the masses.

Very fast Solid - State - Solid the usual sense only bus goes PCIE is (often PCIE denote solid or solid short NVME see these two words basically you can quickly and easily a)

Of course, there are also hard drives that use the m.2 interface and use the PCIE bus, but do not support the NVME protocol. The speed of this hard drive is generally between ACHI and NVME, and it is also a very fast solid state in the popular sense.

Of course, the solid state of the SATA specification is far better than the mechanical hard disk.

2333 did not become dizzy with this gripper.

Since the unit available to purchase the available capacity is smaller than the nominal capacity, some manufacturers simply call 128/256 g, which are directly referred to as 120/250 g to avoid user doubts. When purchased, the actual capacity is slightly less than the nominal capacity hard drives and USB sticks do not mean that you are buying counterfeit or defective products.

Mechanical hard disk (HDD):

Slow and low price, generally divided into 1T and 2T.

Use the STAT interface and the SATA protocol.

For hard drives,

The larger the clearance, the better the single 512 G solid is cheaper than the 256 G solid with 1 tonne machinery.

Thin and lightweight, please be sure to purchase a notebook with only 128G capacity as this may not be sufficient. The larger the 256 G, the better.

● Screen:

Currently the mainstream screens are divided into IPS, TN and OLED.

In short, the notebook side is a garbage screen.

Enter a chestnut, civilian flagship, millet 8-screen color scale is DCI-P3 color scale, equivalent to 94.4% NTSC.

The mainstream price game, thin and lightweight, also consists of 72% NTSC, but there are a large number of 45% NTSC notebooks.

Watch the IPS screen for small white users.

If you buy a light and thin budget of more than 4500, the Gamebook of more than 6000, you can consider the choice of color gamut close to 72% NTSC or 100% SRGB and above.

● Interface:

Lightweight and thin, you should use two or more USB ports to connect the mouse and USB flash drive.

The game is the same, but the high-end game book preferably has more interfaces, because high-end gaming headphones (such as ROG Centurion 7.1) high-end mechanical keyboard (such as the pirate ship K70) must each occupy two USB interfaces to count the mouse The number of interfaces is imaginable.

RJ45 interface, also known as network cable interface, because of the popularity of WIFI, many thin and lightweight have removed the network cable interface, but there are better than none.

Type C interface, multifunctional interface supporting multiple functions, with extension dock all above mentioned interface functions can be achieved. Some Type C interfaces support the Thunderbolt 3 protocol, significantly improve bandwidth and even improve the performance of external graphics docks.

None of these interfaces are required. All functions can be connected via the Type C interface to connect adapters or docking stations (many notebooks that are extremely thin leave only a small number of Type C interfaces left), but only carry them around. The dock will always be a little tediou.

The docking station will probably look like this.

● Others:

With the camera and the audio system of the notebook you can say that it is garbage, but it can be used daily. No matter how advertised by the dealers, please do not use them as a basis for the purchase.

● Budget:

Notebook is not a cheap thing, 3000 yuan can buy domestic flagship mobile phone, but the same price notebook experience is similar to a 600 dollar mobile phone, notebooks with a better experience need to launch 3500.

Among them 3500-4500, low-end thin and lightweight.

4500-6000, Mainstream thin and lightweight low-end game book.

6000-9000 Mainstream game book, thin and light, Mainstream game book (suitable for desserts).

9000-1.5W high-quality thin and lightweight, enthusiastic game.

1.5w-3w flagship thin and lightweight, enthusiastic playbook, workstation.

3W-10W flagship game, workstation.

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